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According to Buddha

Over time, we can build great character, achieve great success, and cultivate great virtue.

hedy bach images - Huaca Pucllana - 1_-2

hedy bach images - Huaca Pucllana - 3

hedy bach images - Huaca Pucllana - 4

hedy bach images - Huaca Pucllana - 5

hedy bach images - Huaca Pucllana - 6

mirar mirar hacia la tierra
tan distinto de lo que vi
fronteras no se pueden ver
todo el mundo desde hay
es lo que vi


Huaca Pucllana, Miraflores, Peru ~ August 2019

  1. I like how you processed these in BW, Hedy. It really shows the shape and texture. Happy travels. 😎

  2. You’ve been to some amazing places, Hedy. Thanks for sharing these.

    • yes Brett I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to tag along 🙃🙂 here to watch a little bit of basketball for the Parapanamericanos…bringing my little black box allows me to go out and see and explore…I’m not really a gym rat 😉 such his/herstory here truly beautiful….have a joyous day Brett 🤗

  3. Fantastic.

  4. A memorable addition to a life full beauty and growth

    • these ruins were found 38 years ago…it is amazing to see and I was told it will take another 25-30 to finish the 7 platforms…I was in awe…reading more about the “Señor de los Unkus” …all new for me 🤓☺️ sending smiles dear Eddie 🤗

  5. Striking images! Enjoy your travels!

  6. ziggurats of the soul. Love this series.

    • closer to the heavens…it was an educative experience for me…I’d love to study more archaeology🤓…thank you Mobius have a soulful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🤗

  7. Ancient Legos. How cool. Monochrome suits them.

  8. Joyful travels, Hedy, delightful moments !

  9. Thought-provoking perspectives. You have quite an eye.

    • Thank you kindly Michael 🙏 I throughly enjoy composing images as I learn more along the way…hope you enjoyed your workshop…smiles hedy 😄💫

  10. I’m wondering what you’re doing down there, such a long way from home. The perspective on these and the processing is great. Enjoy, Hedy, enjoy!

    • Serial Photographer I appreciate you saying…I also love your layout on your blog…so clean and minimal 💙 have a creative day ~ smiles hedy 🙂🙃😄

  11. Well done Hedy. I thought of Babylon and the ziggurats and the suspended gardens. Happy week-end. Still in Lima?

  12. Have you thought of taking advantage of Lima and go to Macchu Pichu? (That’s way high)

    • No Brian is was an urban experience for me…I’m not much of a camper 🤓💫 I’ve seen many fotos and heard many stories and no doubt I would enjoy an adventure into Macchu Pichu…or other spaces less popular. 🤓☺️💫

      • My wife went to Macchu Pichu ages ago. I’m not sure I would welcome the crowds now. But then, most of the world is swamped with travellers. I tend to prefer the quieter streets and spots. 🙂

  13. The vignette is a little too much for my taste but the photos are amazing! 🙂

    • fair enough Wassim Cherif appreciate your critique 🤓thank you for your comment ☺️ compose an amazing day ~ smiles hedy 😄💫

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