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According to Buddha

Pleasure and pain arise from virtuous and non-virtuous actions which come not from outside, but from within yourself.

hedy bach images - car window - 14

hedy bach images - car window - 11

hedy bach images - car window - 5

hedy bach images - car window - 1_

hedy bach images - car window - 6

hedy bach images - car window - 12

no encuentro nada más valioso que darte
nada más elegante
que este instante
de silencio



random taxi rides ~ Lima, Peru ~ 2019

  1. No self-no problem?

    • indeed Mike 🤓☺️ but I don’t know…🤔

      The belief that there is no self can actually get in the way of awakening. As the Buddha noted, the contemplation of not-self can lead to an experience of nothingness (MN 106). If your purpose in practicing is to disprove the self—perhaps from wanting to escape the responsibilities of having a self—you can easily interpret the experience of nothingness as the proof you’re looking for: a sign you’ve reached the end of the path. Yet the Buddha warned that subtle clinging can persist in that experience. If you think you’ve reached awakening, you won’t look for the clinging. But if you learn to keep looking for clinging, even in the experience of nothingness, you’ll have a chance of finding it. Only when you find it can you then let it go.

      I don’t know, you know 🙃🙂🧐

      • I was referring to the illusion of ego as an imaginary self. No self, no problem is also the name of a very good book by Anam Thubten. I think you would like it. Great images by the way.

  2. Excellent series. The shot of of the policemen from the back I like best.

  3. What an awesome concept. You made some great images with it. I really like the framing. The car looks like it’s a classic. Cheers and happy travels.

    • Thank you kindly Chris ☺️🤓 always appreciate your comments and yes all an adventure…some cars were very old also there is Urber 🤓 hoping your new week is fun! 💫

  4. The scenes you’ve captured here–the faces in particular–are so rich and tantalizing. Each one invites curiosity, reflection, the appreciation of something familiar amidst what seems at first to be distant. This whole series gives me a feeling of being “just right,” in the way anything can be just right when we appreciate it.


    • humble thank you Michael I made the decision I was just there and it was all meant to be…I still felt outsider inside 🙃🙂 🤓 happy writing vibes to you ~ smiles hedy 😄🤗💫

  5. But is your MAXIMO.ASSET really out of sequence? Wonderful series.

  6. Every picture tells a story. Each is compelling by itself; in combination they are very powerful.

  7. Excellent series, Hedy. There is something interesting in each image. I love your framing using the car window which brings you into the scene. Compelling.

    • humble thank you Jane…thought I’d play with my lived experiences…travelling in taxi’s Ubers was all part of the day 🤓 have a creative day ~ smiles hedy 🙃🙃😄

  8. interesting photos

  9. “I find nothing more valuable than giving you
    nothing more elegant
    than this moment
    of silence”

    Beautiful. So are the images. I like grayscale and monochromatic images.

  10. Particularly fine street photography! Who is author of that quote? (I do like the idea of the elegance of silence)

    • humble thank you Penny ☺️😄 it is Lama Surya Das…I’ve been enjoying an old book Awakening The Buddha Within……yes I also liked Jorge Drexler…shazam works well world wide…I collect tunes that I heard along the way in many 🚙🚘 🚗 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  11. excellent masterpieces from a very special point of view. What a storytelling. wow. Stunning. creative smiles to you, Hedy 🙂

  12. Very good scenes of latin America as I know it. Nice work.

    • Thank you kindly Brian so so many cars and traffic 😳 I was happy every time I made it back to the hotel 🙃🙂 I didn’t see many accents tough 🧐 so all good! 🤗☺️

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