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According to Buddha

We need to learn how to live consciously and, trusting ourselves, purposefully on that inevitable balance point between form and emptiness, relative and absolute, being and non-being, self and non-self, time and eternity, the finite and infinite. It is between all such dichotomies and poles that our life actually flows.

hedy bach images - catacomb 11

hedy bach images - catacomb 1

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hedy bach images - catacomb 6

hedy bach images - catacomb 2

what rushes into my heart and my skull
i can’t control
think about it
feel it in my bones
what rushes into my heart and my skull
i can’t control


Catacombs ~ Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, Lima, Peru ~ August 2019

  1. This remembers me again to a Catholic church in Southern Italy where the complete interior was decorated with skulls and bones, a bit too weird and gruesome to be honest!

    • I was in a group of 3 Suburban 🤓 yet felt seemingly alone in the vast tunnels…hearing the organ and parishioners singing above was sublime…many emotions ran through me…I’ve never seen a catacomb before 🧐 it was a different experience indeed 😌

  2. We have been to this place. Fascinating isn’t it.

  3. Nice death theme here.

    • 😱so many layers of bones😳…I could hear the guide saying ‘Lady come along now’…apparently I wasn’t supposed to take photos 🤭🤫 happy Caturday Gavin 🙃🙂

  4. yes … “balance in the chaos of existence” to quote Leonard Cohen…

  5. Excellent post!

  6. Wonderful post Hedy, Balance is my Blog!!!

  7. Winds rage, then there it is quiet.
    What part do I play?
    Observing, does my attitude change with the weather?
    May peace always be yours dear Hedy
    Incredible post and photos!.

  8. A truly chilling sight, Hedy!

  9. Catacombs now? Didn’t know they had those in Lima. Not entirely comfortable with the concept though.

    • no I didn’t know either but yes it’s a different ritual to me…there was a burial the week before…apparently there are still 30 Franciscans living there today…🧐 another world 🗺 💫

      • It is. Though one may think Latin America is very close to the “West”, there are leagues of distance in many subjects. And I first set foot on this continent in ’73, in Brazil… Some things still surprise me. But then there is much more distance between cultures, any culture, than we mau have been led to believe… (Another story)

  10. Great shots

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