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According to Buddha

In handling matters, let your mind influence your heart.  In dealing with people, let your heart influence your mind.  [Manage business with mind based upon your heart; while dealing with human relationship, you will let your heart drive your mind.]

hedy bach images - Lima ppl - 6

hedy bach images - Lima ppl - 1_

hedy bach images - Lima ppl - 5

if dogs run free, why not me
across the swamp of time?
my mind weaves a symphony
and tapestry of rhyme
oh, winds which rush my tale to thee


random streets in San Isidro ~ Lima, Peru ~ August 2019

  1. Fantastic photos. Hope Lima trip has gone well.

    • thank you kindly T & G ☺️🤓 it was a great time…I’m grateful to travel and see little spaces o=and places on our planet 🌏 💙 I had a lot of fun with my little black box 📷 🙃🙂😄 smiles hedy

  2. I really like the taxi driver with the goat. What a great shot. You clearly engaged him. Have a great week, Hedy. Cheers!

    • it was so cute gave it a little pet…and yes it was a moment in time…a little boy, a dog and a goat…all my favourites ❣️ tine is flying 💫 have you started a new term? smiles Hedy 😄

  3. Wonderful collection. I especially like the picture with the dog. A perfect composition.

    • Humble thank you Rabirius ☺️ yes the little dog reminded me of one of mine…a little Shih Tzu…so cute to me…and the owner also confirmed she is very sweet 🤗🐶

  4. Great captures Hedy!!!

  5. How wonderful! All of them and together.

  6. Love all of this!

  7. Oh that cute dog! You really got it.

    • and I got to pet her too 🐶 sweetness…I miss my little mutts…got the big one still who is fabulous and great guard dog but the little ones were so cuddly I love that ❣️ have a wonderful day Alison 🤗

  8. Crazy fun, Hedy! Have a good week! 🙂 🙂

  9. puppy love.

    • yes I love puppies and dogs very much Gavin…still miss my little ones 🐶 🐩 but have my big black dog who is also lovable ☺️ hope you’re having a creative week…smiles over the pond 🤗☺️

  10. Marvelous poem and images.

  11. Not your usual Lima pictures. Now about the mind and heart… managing a business (which I’ve done for a long time) is a people matter: employees, executives, clients, suppliers…(The tax man!) So it has to be always a balance of both.

  12. Oh these are super Miss Hedy … such warm feel good shots 🙂👏

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