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According to Buddha

Buddha also said that the Dharma, like a bird, needs two wings to fly, and that the wing that balances wisdom is compassion.

hedy bach images - Ppigeons -2

hedy bach images - Ppigeons -9

hedy bach images - Ppigeons -3-2

hedy bach images - Ppigeons -5

hedy bach images - Ppigeons -6

for just a skyline pigeon
dreaming of the open
waiting for the day
that she can spread her wings
and fly away again


pigeons ~ Basilica of San Francisco, Lima, Peru ~ August 2019

  1. Fearless compositions. Absolutely wonderful.

  2. Wow. Absolutely WowIamInLovewithThese.

  3. Such interesting perspectives you think up. Is the middle photo upside down deliberately? I stared at it for a while trying to figure it out then turned my laptop the other way up and then it made sense. I would never have thought to take something from that angle.

  4. Wonderful. There is something unreal in this photos. Wow. Can’t say what, but I like it. Many smiles over the pond 😊😊😊

  5. Tremendous, these, Hedy; you are to bird photography what Georges Braques was to painted abstractions of the winged.

    • gosh ☺️😄 thank you kindly Hariod…I need more art and Georges Braques was nice of you to say as I also looked at his colour palette 💛 his emphasis on bright, disharmonious Fauve colours…humble thank you for the connection…compose a beautiful day ~ hugs hedy 🤗☺️

  6. I really love the processing. They fit the motives very well.

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