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According to Buddha

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

hedy bach images - Lima yellow - 7_

hedy bach images - Lima sun_.jpg

hedy bach images - Lima yellow -6_

here i am
just waiting for this storm to pass me by

and that’s the sound, of sunshine coming down!
and that’s the sound, of sunshine coming down!
(down, down, down)


Plaza central Lima, Cercado de Lima ~ August 2019

  1. Excellent

  2. These are great, Hedy; you can feel the heat, feel the vitamin D bouncing off the brass.

    • yes I think I was feeling it too…as it’s winter in Lima and so humid and the delicious sunshine felt perfect 🌞 and no protests so the musicians were out in all their regalia 🤓 I like your words vitamin D bouncing off the brass. 💛 thank you!

  3. Wow! The reflexion of the palmtree in the helmet in the top picture. The listening women in between and the golden light and the garland on and it the brass in the lower image. Wonderful.

  4. You captured the whole feel in just three shots. Very nicely done!

    • Thank you kindly Micheal sorry for delayed response ☺️🙃 always appreciate your comments 🤓compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😄

  5. Nice images. It looks like it was a great trip, Hedy. Have a great week. Cheers

  6. These are all spectacular. I especially love the reflections in the helmet and tuba in the first photo. Are you still there?

  7. Beautiful!
    Your photos brought back many memories of when I travelled through Peru and also Lima back in 2011. 🙂

  8. Gold (though it resembles brass) is never far form misery in Latin America.
    Thanks for this post.

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