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According to Buddha

On the other side, is substantialism, more materialism, everything is real to the extent we can see or measure it, and things are as real as I think they. That’s way too materialistic or substantialist, because things are not really what they seem to be.

hedy bach images - fountain - 2_

hedy bach images - fountain - 1_

hedy bach images - fountain -9

hedy bach images - fountain -10

hedy bach images - fountain -8

hedy bach images - fountain - 3

baby, life’s what you make it
can’t escape it
baby, yesterday’s favorite
don’t you hate it
baby life’s what you make it
don’t back date it
baby, don’t try to shade it
beauty is naked


Parque de la Reserva, Lima Peru ~ August 2019

  1. A mirage, a cloud castle, a dream, an apparition, without essence, but with qualities that can be seen?

  2. I love the strong contrast in these photos and I always enjoy viewing your work. Have a great day!

    • Appreciate you saying Michael ☺️ humble thank you! compose a creative day and enjoy your drawing 🤓 I also enjoy viewing your works 🤓💫

  3. i really like the silhouette effect!!!

  4. I like the silhouette effect also. Cool!

  5. i’m liking the black bits

  6. Oh I know this place! We went there. Wonderful surreal captures Hedy.

  7. wow, Hedy, this is sooo wonderful. The light, the shadows and the stunning silhouettes. But the most touching thing is, that EVERY of that silhouettes is telling a very own, special and intensive story. I would be happy to capture just one person with that stunning expression… …but in your work ALL of them telling their intense and very human story. Thank you for sharing that. That are images which move and inspire me. – 🙂 🙂 🙂 creative smiles over the pond, Markus

    • creative smiles received Markus…I need them this week I’ve got much to do…I enjoyed making these images as it was a very beautiful space…I also love water 💧 have a wonderful fun day ☺️😄 smiles back over the pond 💫

  8. Talk Talk🎯. Great Post.

  9. Darkness is coming? 🙂

  10. Brilliant storytelling in these images, Hedy, what life and substance! I continue to admire the way you choose a style to work with for each series of images that always seems to enhance them, and you work the technique so well. (Maybe check the the quote – I think it’s a little off, or is it me?). 🙂 No worries though, and happy weekend!

    • happy weekend Lynn…I appreciate your words ☺️ humble thank you…I do have fun playing…I could learn some photoshop…and yes the quote is a bumble…I cleaned it up a bit in a sloppy way 🙃🤭…I collect words along the way…and perhaps this one from Surya Das…is due to my sloppiness…🤦‍♀️ happy creative day to you ☺️❣️

      • I didn’t want to seem small-minded, it was just weird. 😉 Photoshop! It’s a huge blank to me – and it would be nice to know how to work with layers well, and other things, but there’s so much already, isn’t there, in just the tools we already use. 🙂

        • You’re hardly small minded 🤓 I’m doing some art with some images I can’t figure out the Ps yet…I’m learning along the way…and I’m a slow learner 🤦‍♀️ using scissors and exacto knife…handmade Ps 🤷‍♀️ I’ll see what I can compose for now 🤓

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