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According to Buddha

The more you realize, the more you realize there is nothing to realize. The idea that there’s somewhere we have got to get to, and something we have to attain, is our basic delusion.

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we only stay as long as we can

just like the mountains return to sand
then come back again
we come back again
we come back again


winter beach San Isidro District, Lima, Peru ~ August 2019

  1. Here the words simply fail and hence everything starts all of a sudden nowhere again. Have a nice day 🙂 Ulli

  2. I love this Buddha quote. We keep trying to get somewhere when we’re already here.
    The wave photos are beautiful, esp the opening shot. Gorgeous light.

  3. It looks beautifully stormy. Cheers!

    • no not stormy…so much as a fresh wintery sweather weather kind of day…Lima has garúa…drizzle and high humidity…often I was cold…the air quality index was unhealthy…hope you had a productive teaching week Chris ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  4. bisexual & free.

    • I took a 360-degree spin with my little black box 📷 …this is what I saw…and yes “sex” and “free” are *loaded* words…i always hope all beings are able to act or do as they wish…their gender options are many…apparently facebook users are offered 58 gender options…but I see they missed sapiosexual 🤦‍♀️😉🤓…have a free and fun day it’s caturday!😸🙂🙃 smiles hedy

      • 58. OMG

        • this is what I find 🤓

          Cis Female
          Cis Male
          Cis Man
          Cis Woman
          Cisgender Female
          Cisgender Male
          Cisgender Man
          Cisgender Woman
          Female to Male
          Gender Fluid
          Gender Nonconforming
          Gender Questioning
          Gender Variant
          Male to Female
          Trans Female
          Trans* Female
          Trans Male
          Trans* Male
          Trans Man
          Trans* Man
          Trans Person
          Trans* Person
          Trans Woman
          Trans* Woman
          Transgender Female
          Transgender Male
          Transgender Man
          Transgender Person
          Transgender Woman
          Transsexual Female
          Transsexual Male
          Transsexual Man
          Transsexual Person
          Transsexual Woman


  5. wonderfull rough coastline – so different from the typical impressions. I like that very much. smiles over the pond 🙂

    • it was a late wintery day…cool but fresh at the ocean…and yes it is rocky down towards Miraflores…is where there is surfing apparently the coastal waters off Lima are ideal for surfing…as a landlocked Albertan…the ocean seems mighty powerful and unknown…I just love to look at it 🤓☺️the waves are tranquil…I love the sound Markus….have a creative day 💫 smiles back from etown…snow is coming 😄🙃🙂🤦‍♀️

      • your fine words emphasize this stunning images. I love it. 🙂 🙂 ..have a creative week and enjoy the weather. I’m swinging back and forwards between the alternating weathers in Germany an Russia… …late summer and early winter in a weekly change 🙂

        • ahhhhh yes I see at Point Blank…Ive been back and forthing is seems all year 😄🙃🙂 now I will be in etown for a bit again…it was a beautiful day here…I’ve missed the 🌞 safe travels enjoy Markus 💫 smiles over the pond ☺️

  6. Love the look of these photos

  7. The sea doesn’t stop. Great photos!

  8. I know.There isn’t much meaning is there? And come back again and again and again? Thank you I’ll pass. 😉
    Only a few things make sense: a child’s laughter; a ray of sunshine; a walk in a yellow wood…
    (And great bloggers like you)

    • ☺️ humble thank you dear Brian 🤗 I enjoy doing my sloppy posts…it’s good for my inner world…I agree children, sunshine and yellow woods…and well I do have much loved ones around me…I do art my way out…and make meaning along the way…I read much about Peru this week 😱

      • We enjoy your posts, and I also agree posting is enjoyable. For me? It puts my mind at ease in an otherwise very negative immediate environment… And peace is priceless. As are the exchanges with unique E-friends such as you. 🙂
        Making meaning? Another thought to ponder. How does one make meaning in an increasingly meaningless world? 🙂

        • yes that was my intention with sloppy to only capture “beauty”…my painter man friend taught me that…I’m not the best at writing on other blog posts…but I try and I know I can go back…I always enjoy the images and photography very much…☺️🤓 sending you joy Brian! and thank you for always writing and commenting I really appreciate it too 🤗 💛

          • It is part of the exchange. I don’t always have the time, or the comments are closed! (I sometimes wait too long) 😉
            Beauty may be the major redemption in an ugly world? 🙂

          • I know you look Brian and yes I’ve got to check that setting I guess 🧐🤓 I started with some Roger Scruton…many smiles ☺️ sending a pocketful of joy ❣️

          • Thank you for the joy. Well received. Sending some back.
            Now Roger Scrutton? I’ve heard of him. I will need to dig. <3

          • Roger Scrutton he’s an old white man…he’s all over the net ☺️🤓🙃

          • Don’t worry about the setting. You get so many – worthwhile – comments you can’t possibly attend all. A limit is good. 🙂

          • ahhhh my teacher brain enjoys this part of blogging too ☺️🤓😉 but yes…it’s all good…

      • Read your article on Peru. Sadly, the same with variants could be written in almost any Latin american country. I am beginning to wonder whether this continent – I loved so much – is cursed. Old demons coming back again and again. With only maybe Costa Rica being an exception. And I’m not sure about that.

        • indeed a lot happening as we can see…and read the news…and connect with some friends we know…it is unstable…and I live in Alberta…with all our own politics and wonders…I’ve been trying to do more meditation…and less news…rage culture is exhausting…I’ll hide in art making…sending big hugs and peace ✌️ 🤗☺️

          • Very good points Hedy. “Rage culture”… Hmm. It is a good definition. Sadly. ‘coz rage always turns ugly. Hide in art making? It may be the only option left. Hugs and peace back. Thank you.

          • yes one can go towards it…it has that anger…to draw you in…to see…wtf…you know ☺️🤓 💫 going to yoga 🧘‍♂️ mediation works ☺️

          • I may have to start meditation. Or run away! 😉

          • yup start 3 minutes and add slowly…so many good ones to listen too…I do best in a class…ahhhhh running away…I do that often…🏃‍♀️ ☺️🙃🙂

          • And I found this Brian 🤓☺️ “Beauty is first and foremost an emotion.”
            by Tahar Ben Jelloun

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