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Tauris minor planet number

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According to Buddha

And the sun is the wheel of luminosity, it turns day and night. It never sets.

hedy bach images - blanc - 16

hedy bach images - blanc - 11-2

hedy bach images - blanc - 14

the sun hides on the other side
until you feel it, raise a distant call

is there a world out there i’m dreaming of?
is there a world out there i’m dreaming of?
is there a world out there i’m dreaming of?


Abandoned building ~ off Highway 13A ~ September 2019


  1. Fine set; love the last one.

  2. Very perceptive detail studies. 😊

    • I’ve had abstract on my mind Michael…created some epic fails 🤦‍♀️😂🤣 so then I keep on going til I figure it out…I think my second one would fit in the ‘little boxes’ of photography definitions but I don’t know…I just love these white abandoned buildings with sun on them ☀️ 💡 I also like white ☺️🤓 have a snappy day ~ smiles hedy 😄

      • These photographs, and all your photographs, are superb. In order to do abstract, you have to pretend those little boxes never ever existed. Space is what occurs outside the boxes, so opt for space. It’s hard to breathe in a box. The last four or five entries in Bruce Percy’s blog are excellent. I recommend them. Create an amazing World. 💫

        • yes I understand Micheal…I can get into my hedy head…also I find using my mobile helps me ‘figure’ some things out…I will look at Bruce Percy’s blog…thanks for the connection 🤓☺️ appreciated 💫 smiles hedy

  3. Ah, some rustic gold in these images, Hedy. Have a great week. Cheers

  4. Amazing. If I could see with your eyes for a day, it would be a trip, Hedy; would be such a blessing.

    • ☺️🙃😄 well if you come to Alberta let me know…a foto walk would be a lot of fun Gregory 🤓📷 📸 thank you kindly for your comment ☺️💫

  5. Such rich texture. I especially like the first one.

  6. excellent details, Hedy, I love it. That reminds and motivate me more to rest and come close to things. Thank you for reminding me by your always beautyful work. smiles to etown 🙂

    • Thank you kindly Markus…I want to try more with my street work to get closer and capture the details…smiles from blustery Etown autumn 🍂 🍁 🍃 smiles back to you Markus…look forward to see your new post 🤓☺️

  7. I like the textures! The importance of the detail.
    Great photos.

  8. I love how the wood coopts the paint into a replica of its internal structure, and the knot shines through eventually anyway. And the patterns of dissolution. The thing about aging is that it follows the lines of the original, softens them somehow, builds upon them even. One aspect of these images that makes these so interesting, I think, is that they can’t really be created by people alone. Time is necessary. The seasons. The sun. The hot and cold. So many countless influences are required to polish the new into the real…


    • The thing about aging is that it follows the lines of the original, softens them somehow, builds upon them even…I really appreciate these words…and yes all seasons…the rhythms…thank you kindly Michael ☺️🙃🙂 so nice to read your comments 💫 smiles hedy 😄

  9. The quiet is nice – you seem to have just the right amount of contrast in these to enhance the subject but not kill it, if that makes sense. Smiles to you!! 😉

  10. Or rather: I dream of another world?

  11. Great works.

  12. Beautiful palette.

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