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According to Buddha

An answer seeks to dissolve the question, a response recognizes the ongoing validity of the question, and seeks to remain in connection with it.

hedy bach images - horses - 3_

hedy bach images - horses - 4_

hedy bach images - horse 15

the bright horses have broken free from the fields
they are horses of love, their manes full of fire
they are parting the cities, those bright burning horses
and everyone is hiding, no one makes a sound


Paint horses, Central Alberta, September 2019



  1. so lively an majestic.. …and so tangible. Great photos, Hedy smiles to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. And Hedy composes.
    And Hedy composes.

  3. Wonderful words for these times, Hedy. Your horses seem somehow to know (live?) the truth within them.

  4. Don’t we all just want to be free?

  5. Beautifully captured images of these lovely creatures! I often feel there is more going on with horses than most people recognize. The words of the Buddha are so wise–I would like to be more mindful of my connections with all sentient beings. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Interesting words and beautiful horses.

  7. with apologies to the Buddha, but perhaps suficiently in alignment… “and a reaction may be prisoner of the question”

  8. Hard to look at these horses and not feel, well… good! Everyone here sees it. It is testament to how well you see these wonderful creatures, my friend!


    • they were delightful…☺️🙃 such sweet faces…humble thank you Michael 🙏 I do enjoy horse photography very much…and watching horses is very enjoyable too 🤓 peace ✌️ and hugs hedy

  9. very beautiful.

  10. Ahhh, these are gorgeous. You have a feeling for animals, for horses (and others, I’m sure). 🙂 The second photo is incredible – the pose, the simplicity.

    • they were wonderful and curious and so handsome…and yes I’m very fond of critters…it’s their eyes often and well horses are just gorgeous to me…these paints were sweet ☺️🙃 thank you Lynn for your kind comments 💛

  11. Beautiful animals! Great post!

  12. Beautiful horses.

  13. If we could know like Horses know!

    Regards Thom

  14. Wonderful photos Miss Hedy 👏👏

  15. Lovely horses. Thank you Hedy. Answers and responses? As a man who has made a living building and designing questionnaires I can only agree. Actually we call interviewees “respondents” not “answerents”. 🙂

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