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According to Buddha

It is usually a mistake to believe that any opinion or situation is objectively good or bad, since everything depends on the perspective of the viewer.

hedy bach images - duck 1

hedy bach images - duck 4

hedy bach images - duck 8

hedy bach images - duck 3

what are they doing at night in the park?
ducks. ducks. quack-quack. quack-quack.
think of them waddling about in the dark!
ducks. ducks. quack-quack. quack-quack.
sneering and whispering and stealing your cars,
reading pornography, smoking cigars!
ducks. ducks. quack-quack. quack-quack.
ducks. ducks. quack-quack. quack-quack.


ducks ~ George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC ~ November 2019

  1. Great quote Hedy, quack-quack.🦆🦆🦆😘😘

  2. You’re absolutely right of course, the viewers perspective is what matters. Absolutely gorgeous duck! <3 🙂

  3. a gathering of “quacks!” lol

  4. From this viewer’s perspective these are wonderful, Hedy.

    • 🙃🙂🤓 being low worked best with the ducks…and the humans that were all around too…it was a joyful morning for sure Michael…smiles your way 😄 thank you!

  5. Great post, Hedy! I thoroughly enjoyed both the photos and the written word.

    • Always appreciate your kindness Michael ☺️ thank you for saying…I always have fun making my posts 🤓 have a good day hope things are working out for you all…sending you creative vibes 💫

  6. happy quackers

    • it’s true they were all happy and healthy…I’d live there too as a 🦆 or human…it’s a wonderful space Gavin ~ sending you happiness for your caturday 🐈…must see your funnies yet!

  7. Thanks for the like 💓

  8. The close up duck photos are genius. They almost put their heads through the screen of my monitor.

    • aren’t they cute…ordinary ducks 🦆 so many of them made it extra adorable to me ☺️ have a creative day Rabirius 💫 thank you!

  9. Love the opening shot, Hedy ~ and as always, your words bring it all to life.

    • so nice to hear from you Randall ☺️🤓 thank you kindly for your comments I appreciate them ☺️ humble thank you 💛 ps. I will come by to visit…have had some WP issues with Safari making comments/likes but they are working on that for me…hugs and joy your way ~ 🤗

  10. Loving the duck’s perspective …wonderful shots Miss Hedy 🙂💫

  11. Love the final curious spectator duck. 🙂

  12. Coin-Coin. (Why do your ducks speak English?) 😉

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