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According to Buddha

The world is a mountain, in which your words are echoed back to you.

hedy bach images - iphone mountain- 1_

hedy bach images - iphone mountain- 2_

hedy bach images - iphone mountain- 3_-2

hedy bach images - iphone mountain- 4_

hedy bach images - iphone mountain- 5_

i never felt magic crazy as this
i never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea
i never held emotion in the palm of my hand
or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree
but now you’re here
brighten my northern sky.


South Jasper Ranges,  airplane view ~ November 2019


  1. The beauty of cold. Fine set!

  2. Not so warm and sunny greetings from the sunshine state.

  3. And here I am thinking that the world is a vampire, sent to drain.

    • Well Mike yes indeed…many swamps…but I don’t know anymore…I’m playing the believing game…hopelessly hopeful…☺️🤓 I imagine a different world 🌎✨

  4. Great photos, Hedy. I love it when the plane takes you over a dramatic landscape and you have clear skies for photos. Have a happy week.

    • Yes the pilot also mentioned it…I love seeing this mountain range on these sunny days 🌞🌄 sending you joy for a good week too Chris 💫 thank you for your kind words ☺️

  5. Mother Nature creates the most magnificent abstracts. But it takes recognition and ability to capture them. And a plane with clean windows.

    • Indeed Michael the shapes and patterns were wild to me…and I love blue and white ☀️❄️ thanks kindly for your comments and yes clean windows can’t take credit for them 😉 have a creative week 💫

  6. How wonderful. Thank you.

  7. amazing photos

  8. amazing. The clearness… …an untouched beauty. Wonderful captures, Hedy smiles to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • it was a grateful surprise…it’s not always so clear…it was a bright and shiny day Markus 😎 sunshine 🌞 smiles back 🙃🙂😄

  9. What a beautiful set of images, Hedy! Cold, rugged, no visible sign of life or civilization. Blue, Black, and white defines the cold.

    • it was beautiful to see…I would have loved to fly up and down the mountain range…mountain 🏔 range…beautiful to me…l felt like a tiny speck…I do love this terrain Mic ~ smiles and have a creative day ☺️💫 thank you for saying 🤓

  10. Such drama in the skies! I love it. 🙂

  11. An impressive view. Reminded me (ten or a hundred fold) of la mer de glace or Mont-Blanc. Though I don’t think it’s accessible, is it?

    • I’ve been to Montreal but not to Mont Blanc…is that the one you mean? this was close to Jasper…and I no longer ski🎿 ☺️ have a joyful weekend Brian ☺️🤗💫

      • I no longer ski either. I liked it though. I studied in Lyon, where of course the Alps are at arm’s length.
        And Mont-Blanc, in France, I climbed with friends many years ago. We almost all died, but fortunately survived to tell the story. 🙂
        U 2 Hedy.

  12. You have brighten my northern German sky 😉. Thanks for your post and thanks for that great song pick.

    • You’re most welcome Thomas smiles from snow storming Alberta today 🌬❄️🌬❄️💫 have a joyful day…good song right ☺️🤓 thank you! Smiles Hedy 😀

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