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According to Buddha

It is only when we push ourselves beyond our limits that our success becomes meaningful to ourselves and respected by others.

hedy bach images - bball 3_-2

hedy bach images - bball 2_

hedy bach images - bball 4

i put my armor on, show you how strong how i am
i put my armor on, i’ll show you that i am

‘i’m unstoppable
i’m a porsche with no brakes
i’m invincible
yeah, i win every single game
i’m so powerful
i don’t need batteries to play
i’m so confident, yeah, i’m unstoppable today
unstoppable today, unstoppable today
unstoppable today, i’m unstoppable today


FIBA Women’s Olympic Pre-Qualifying Americas Tournament ~ Etown ~ November 2019

  1. The state I live in is basketball “nuts”. There is no escaping the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky. However, the people in the know, love women’s basketball. It is slightly slower and shows skills sets and not just speed.

    The only thing I have never gotten are the names. Lady this or Lady that. It always sounds a bit “less than”, when the men’s basketball is always MEN’s.

    There nothing more infuriating than gender nicknames that feel discriminating to the “boy”.

    • ahhhh Barry I know basketball *nuts*/*lovers…I’m not really 🤦‍♀️ but I’ve have witnessed many games over the decades…so with the opportunity to be on the court floor with the national team I had a chance to play with my little black box…and it was another learning experience…keep your eye on the ball 🏀 it was also a challenge which I love…I photographed 2 games culled and deleted many many images…it was hard/fun work for me☺️…and for the gender piece…seems extra sticky and contested these days…I don’t know anymore…I love boys and girls…we’re all beings in human suits trying our best, I hope 🤓☺️ now that you mentioned it I never liked my nick name 😂 have a fun day Barry! smiles hedy

  2. Hi. You know, I don’t agree with the opening statement. As long as a person does the right things, and steadily, they are to be admired.

    Neil Scheinin

    • good morning Neil…I struggled to find Buddhist words knowing that ‘win or lose’ may not sit easily with popular images of a “peaceful” Buddhist approach to life…and that this quote may even sound like an invitation to stir up conflict…of course victory as a human being includes both tangible achievements and moral or spiritual victories which may or may not be invisible to others…and that matters, rather than recognition in the form of promotion or reward in society…I do have an appreciation of humans who dig deep wells and follow their passions…thank you kindly for your thoughtful comments I appreciate them ☺️

  3. I love your quotes. Both of them. From one being in a human suit to another, I think the shots are fantastic. You are such a natural photographer. You can shoot anything and have it turn out beautifully.

    • humble thank you Michael…I see myself as an imagemaker🤓…and yes this was a lot of fun and a challenge and as always learned a lot along the way ☺️ and yes my painter/artist/writer friend taught me about “beings in human suits”…I like it and makes sense to me in my hedy head ☺️🤓 have a wonderful creative weekend…thank you again for your kind words ☺️

  4. Woah Hedy these are fabulous! You really caught the action!

    • I tired and yes keep your eye on the 🏀 they are amazing athletes and it was a pleasure to be there even to chat with some injured players…tough women I’d say ☺️🤓 It was fun! have a happy weekend Alison 🤗❣️

  5. excellent words

  6. Great images and words.

  7. Pushing yourself beyond doubt not only releases you form a self made prison, so to speak,
    but knocks down those boundaries that has prevented success. (personal experience)
    fabulous photos and topic Hedy, a glorious day for a smile

    • awe thank you so much Eddie…it was hard but I learned a lot…I’ll never be a sports photographer…culling the images was so much…had a good critique on the images…I know I can do some further post edits on contrast…and better focus…ahhhhhh it was a fun time and I know it’s all practice for me still…I try my best ☺️💫🤗 hugs have a joyful day!

  8. Everything about this post is perfect ❤️
    Loving your blog!

  9. Unstoppable indeed. 🙂
    Perfect post

    • ☺️🤓 humble thank you dear Brian 💫🤔 I do wonder about perfect…actually received got critique on one of the images…contrast was high…need to do more printing to really see and also work on focus better ☺️ love the challenge of my little black box 📷 have a snappy day Brian ☺️

  10. That must have been fun!

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