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According to Buddha

Un-think. Un-learn. Un-know. Un-believe. Un-speculate. Un-seek. Un-strive. Un-fear. Lose your mind and effortlessly be.

hedy bach images - mac -6

hedy bach images - mac -3

hedy bach images - mac -4

hedy bach images - mac - 2

hedy bach images - mac -7

hedy bach images - mac - 1

this generation
rules the nation
with vision

i say pass the dutchie on the left hand side
pass the dutchie on the left hand side
it a gonna burn, give me music make me jump and prance
it a go done, give me the music make me rock in the dance


Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications – MacEwan University ~ November 2019

  1. All the vertical lines are awesome today.

  2. Nice architectural images, Hedy. Have a great one!

    • thank you Chris I always appreciate your kind words ☺️🤓 yes a good fast week here…hoping your days are treating you well ~ sending you joy ☺️💫

  3. You have such an eye!

  4. Excellent work, Hedy. The first, the third, the fourth, the fifth…wonderful. Michael is right, you have that eye for finding the interesting scene/seen.

  5. Superb Black & White street photos. Very striking with those stripes and shadows.

  6. Love the use of B&W in these captures.

  7. nice contrasts on the photos.

  8. 📸👏👏🎯

  9. Nice to still have contact with faculty and students.
    Will this generation un-do?

    • I do have contact as an adjunct…I’m part of U of Alberta…we went here for the architecture…I enjoy ‘schools’ 🏫 some and yes my hope is with our youth Brian 🤓☺️🙃🙂 happiness your way 💫

      • Thank you for the happiness. Sending some sun back.
        An adjunct is like an “associate” professor? You still teach, right?
        Yeah, let’s hope youth will sort out the mess.

        • Nope I escaped that institution…just doing some projects with humans I respect 🤓 and mentor some graduate students…I’m free 🤓☺️

          • Free is good. Possibly one of the “dimensions” I cherish most. Now mentoring grad students is great too. I have a feeling today’s kids are a bit lost… 🙂 Or maybe I’m wrong.

          • Lots of lost humans these days I think 🤔😌

          • True. Very lost. Which would explain most of the emerging violence everywhere… Lashing out in frustration?

          • well I don’t know…sounds judgmental 🤓😞 but I wonder…and perhaps, as Ive been told everyone ones where they are suppose to be…but I don’t know, you know Brian ☺️🤓🙃hugs from etown!

  10. Un-spectacular, but very vivid impressions 😉. Nice Sunday.

  11. Wonderful strong angles!

  12. excellent and thrilling masterpieces… …wow.. ..exactly that kind of images where I got jealous 🙂 ..and I wish I would have captures those. Hedy, again, so inspiring what I found on your blog. Chapeau, madame! smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂 🙂

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