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According to Buddha

Where now and here meet, I is nowhere.

hedy bach images - icecakes - 17

hedy bach images - icecakes - 14

hedy bach images - icecakes - 16

hedy bach images - icecakes - 12

hedy bach images - icecakes - 11

and i’m never ready
’cause i know, i know, i know
that time won’t let me
show what i want to show


ice cakes ~ North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ December 2019

  1. This is awesome!

  2. Disappearing me moves among a landscape
    far and wide searching for self.

    Very special post Hedy

    • Humble thank you Eddie…always s0 nice to read your comments…I know that far and wide searching ☺️🤓 have a beautiful Sunday ☺️🙃🙂❣️

  3. be carefull with that 8.. on it’s side it means infinite..

  4. Fabulous! I’ve never seen ice cakes, but you’ve made wonderful abstracts from them.
    Alison smiling from grey Van but no snow yet 🙂

  5. Ice cake? Is that like a chocolate cake? 🤦‍♂️

  6. ice-y

  7. Fine series! The 2nd one is beautiful, with the easy part on the left.

  8. Well done, Hedy, what interesting patterns! I wonder why the ice freezes in those circular shapes?

  9. Fascinating. I love how all the little pieces fit like a huge mosaic.

  10. Love the patterns in these images Hedy, thanks for the share.

  11. a delightful play with shapes, pattern, light and shadows …and the beauty of nature!

  12. Great photos. Now when I see those ice cakes, I keep wondering about my great-Uncle Gaston, born in India (spoke Hindustani and all that) who emigrated to Saskatchewan… How did he make it through the first winter…?

    • I know right Brian…I also think about my father coming over…the long season of cold 🥶…he never liked it though 😞 I love snow just not ice ☺️ and Saskatchewan can be even colder brave pioneers who came here…soon the days will get longer 😄🤗

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