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Vijay D. Varu film number

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According to Buddha

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.

hedy bach images - rock - 2

hedy bach images - rock 6_

hedy bach images - rock - 1

flying and you know i’m not coming down
you’re trying but you know you must soon go down
all my colours turn to clouds
all my colours turn to clouds


rocks at a rock workshop ~ Etown ~ December 2019

  1. ‘Nothing (or no one) ever exists entirely alone’.
    Incredible photos. it’s a beautiful day for a smile, even at -14

    • Thank you kindly Eddie 🤗😄🙂 yes yes…just making sure to get out every day…plus my mutt loves the cold…it’s just getting use to the cold again 🥶 🤓 lots of layers…nope never alone…hugs and smiles it’s fresh and snowy and beautiful ☺️

  2. This universe is built by twos. These photographs are built by beauty.

  3. So wonderful, the colors, Hedy! Sending lots of love from Vienna, love Nouvelle Vague …. Silvia

  4. amazing colors

    • I enhanced them with some PsExpress and Snapseed on my mobile…it was fun…rocks do have some much to see…I was seeing faces in them Gavin 😱🤓it was fun☺️

  5. Superb sequence.

  6. Absolutely exquisite.

  7. today is the full moon. I’ve read there are many twelves occurring? Whats your take on this Hedy?

    • well I don’t know Wayne 🤔 12 moons all different names…I read Cold or Long Nights Moon for December….here it’s Cold Moon 🌝 ❄️ 🧊 🤓 we also have loooong nights…kinda cozy…hoping you’re well and enjoying your wonderful critters….smiles hedy 😄

  8. How lovely.

  9. … which led me to google & discover yes there really is a Vijay D Varu! there is great charm in unexpected learning

  10. Such glorious color, Hedy! These are excellent – what Michael said in a recent comment is true – you can photograph anything you set your mind to and do it well. Better than well. 🙂

  11. Wow. Amazing abstracts.

  12. Colours for the winter… 🙂 Good work Hedy

    • Thank you kindly Brian…I try my best…and you mostly it’s fun and I learn more along the way which is the best…still have some major stuff to learn…☺️🤓 💫

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