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According to Buddha

For the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world.

hedy bach images - green blur 10

hedy bach images - green blur - 5

hedy bach images - green blur - 7

hedy bach images - green blur - 6

akaal moorat
saibhang, gur prasaad. jap!

aad such, jugaad such
hai bhee such
naanak hosee bhee such


Merry Christmas
ᒥᔪ  ᒪᓂᑐᐏ  ᑮᓯᑲᓂᓯᐠ

God jul
عيد ميلاد مجيد
З Калядамі
Čestit Božić
Veselé Vánoce
Glædelig Jul
Prettige Kerstdagen
Häid jõule
Hauskaa joulua
Joyeux Noël
Frohe Weihnachten
Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα
Buon Natale
메리 크리스마스
Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus
Linksmų šv. Kalėdų
Среќен Божиќ
Wesołych Świąt!
Feliz Natal
Crăciun fericit
Счастливого Рождества!
Srećan Božić
Kirismas Wanaagsan
Feliz Navidad
Heri ya krismas
God jul
Веселого Різдва

peace on earth ☮️ sending you all cosmic sloppy prayers from the moving evergreens in Millcreek ~ Amiskwaskahegan, December 2019

  1. Happy Christmas.

    Regards Thom


  3. Merry Christmas dear Hedy to you and all your family

  4. Merry Christmas! Beautiful ICM. The last one belongs on a wall. Beautiful.

  5. Merry christmas Hedy, from a wet and grey Groningen. 🙂

  6. Hi Hedy. Beautiful photos.

    All the best to you and yours.


    • Thank you kindly Neil…I appreciate your comments ☺️ humble thank you 🙏 sending you good vibes for a wonderful season as well enjoy your loved ones ☺️🤓🙃🙂

  7. 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🤶🏼🤶🏼🤶🏼🎁🎁🎁🎄🎄🎄

  8. happy Christmas

  9. Happy Holidays to you too! ⭐🎄⭐🎄⭐🎄⭐

  10. Merry Christmas, my dear friend and Happy Holidays! 🙂 xo

  11. Prettige Kerstdagen, Hedy. 🙂

  12. Ooh! I love these, Hedy.
    Festive greetings to you too. x x x

  13. Great photos…
    (Bonne année on this first day of the new year.)
    Hadn’t thought much about the symmetry of 2020…
    Will symmetry bring us peace?
    Tot ziens

    • May the spirit of the season of New Year fill your heart with serenity and peace Brian❣️ Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year 2020…I don’t know what will bring peace…begins within…you know ☺️🤓
      heb elke dag vredige en vreugdevolle momenten🤓🙃💚

      • Dankje wel Hedy. Peace will come when my daughter finds hers I’m afraid. 🙂 At least we had a warm and wonderful family holiday all together as we had in Asia 2 years ago. We didn’t last year and she spent a miserable time. So at least now we all hugged together. Hopefully this year starts on the right foot. Hugs <3

        • well that’s lovely and holidays and rituals make mourning harder…I especially notice this when I hear Christmas carols…they make me whimper now 🤓😞 some are better now of course…time…year by year…BIG hugs to you all🤗❣️

          • Hugs back. Understandably, certain Time-marks are harder without the dearly departed. And we have to live on. Until their memories are smiling memories only. But that takes time. If Death is the great Thief, Time is the great Healer… 🙂

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