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According to Buddha

We’re all just walking each other home.

hedy bach images - cowtown - 4

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hedy bach images - cowtown - 3

i was following the, i was following the
i was following the, i was following the
i was following the, i was following the
i was following the, i was following the
i was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats
with scarves of red tied ’round their throats
to keep their little heads from falling in the snow
and i turned ’round and there you go


elbow river ~ Calgary (Mohkínstsis) ~ January 2020

  1. A dog-walker! Or is it the dog that’s walking the human?

    • yes us dog walkers…strange humans we are 😉 having had a dog ice/river scare 😱 that ended lucky…I’m even more cautious now in the winter…last week a dog drowned in the North Saskatchewan 😢 but the elbow here in cowtown doesn’t appear as swift or deep…I do follow my dog on most of my walks…I’m not much into leashes…have a peaceful day Neil ☺️💫

  2. We got our first significant snowfall yesterday but it’s almost gone today.

    • it’s snowing snowing and more here…I love snow…and glad it’s started…the air felt so heavy ❄️ 🌬 ❄️ 😁 have a snappy day Lloyd 🤓 smiles hedy

  3. Are you OK Hedy, you said some humour will be good for you? I hope every things fine and you’re just having an off day.

    • awe thank you for asking Mike ☺️ yes I’m ok…I can art my out of my moments of melancholy…also I know how to detach…not listen and watch anymore…in this post the geese were flying and talking…always giving me a message from my father…”we can do better”…always seems fitting no mater where I am or what I do 🤓☺️…I did listen to the Monty piece 😂 it was new to me…
      and now I’m hiding in music…

      looking at the snow in my art room…feelings of gratitude 🙏 ☺️

  4. Are they cranes?

    • no Mufty Canadian geese…so many here in Calgary…The population spiked to 11,145 last winter from 1,406 geese in 1987…
      smiles and hugs your way ☺️🤗💫

  5. Delicious! – I can almost taste the air!

  6. Oh the bleak beautiful Canadian winter landscape. You captured it. First photo if my fave.

  7. i like 3 & 5

  8. Wonderful snowy images.

  9. I was going to say, aren’t they a little close to the edge?
    what awesome photos, where’s my coat??

    • well you’ll need a big coat and lots of layers it’s -30 or more here now 🧊 crackin cold 🥶 and yes open water and frozen ice and dogs can be a dangerous thing ~ stay warm Eddie hugs 🤗 ☺️

  10. Love this series, in particular how the geese mimic the shape of flowing water as they traverse the sky. Echoes of what is and what has been–these soothe the modern soul… 🙂 And then the city beyond. Such an alien compilation, isn’t it? And yet… and yet it nestles along the river, and it too, takes its cue from what has been.

    Also, love the Fleet Foxes… 😉


    • I also appreciate Fleet Foxes music 🎶 🎵 🎹 I also see the line and the meaning of the geese in my life…so many messages…I grew up along this river…I have fond memories and have new ones…I do like cowtown 🤓☺️ may the words fall to the page for you Michael have a productive day ~ smiles hedy 😌

  11. Just saw similar bird formations in Yucatan, only it was pelicans… 🙂
    Now are we just walking each other home? 🙂
    A nice thought. (Er… where IS home?) 😉

  12. Dog walking in the snow, perfect … Super images Miss Hedy 🙂👏

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