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The Battle of Ballon number

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According to Buddha

Prolong not the past
Invite not the future
Do not alter your innate wakefulness
Fear not appearances
There is nothing more than this…

hedy bach images - qe2 - 1

hedy bach images - qe2 - 2

hedy bach images - qe2 - 3

hedy bach images - qe2 - 4

winter fields


up and down the road ~ Central Alberta ~ January 2020

  1. Any of these belong on a wall. Just stunning, Hedy.

  2. Hi Hedy. Are these crop fields? If so, what grows there? Wheat?
    See you!


    • indeed Neil wheat…some estimate around 9 million tones each year in Alberta..others may also be barley and canola🤓🌱see you hedy ☺️

  3. Wow, Hedy, these are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely images, Hedy.

  5. Breathe in, feel this moment,
    witness these photos, breathe out
    Live here, now

    • Music day and watching the snow coming down…finishing touches of image descriptions for my work in an upcoming exhibition…staying in the now ☺️🤓 thank you dear Eddie 🤗❣️🙏 and yes breathing out…releasing 💫

  6. You are much on my mind and hope you are OK. Just want you to know we’re thinking of you. mufty and bill

    • ☺️🤗❣️I’m doing ok yes Mufty…feeling a tad vulnerable but I have lots of stuff to do…it’s a musical day here…hope to see you tomorrow night Mufty…hugs back to you and Bill🤗

  7. These are outstanding, Hedy. So painterly and expressing a peace that one might find in a quiet winter field.

    • I thank you kindly Steve ☺️…imagine if we were all quiet…even for just a tiny bit…I appreciate your comments 😀 smiles Hedy 💫

  8. I feel the cold in these captures.

    • It was crackin’ cold 🥶 freezing fingers … much more bearable this week … lots of pretty snow ❄️☀️ your adventures look so lovely at the sea Terry! Enjoy smiles Hedy

  9. Beautiful.

  10. minimal beauty

  11. Nothing like a simple Winter field to express what life is really all about. Peace, quiet & utter simplicity.

    • and the endless land of Alberta…it is indeed peaceful ☮️ have a wonderful day Vicki…apologies for my tardy response ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  12. Nothing more than appearances? True. 🙂

  13. Very beautiful, Hedy. I really like the restraint in these, all the fine lines of the trees and the simple horizontal compositions. I often don’t like the use of background textures but naturally, you did it so well. They don’t overpower, they really add something. There was an impressionist painting in a museum in Ghent that I noticed (a photo of it is in my post about Ghent). I’m not always a huge fan of impressionism but this painting of a winter scene had a host of colors in the sky for the snow, and a certain sheen that reminded me of snowy days, and I see that here, too. I think these could only have been made by someone like yourself, who has spent a lot of time living inside this environment and paying attention to it.

    • I appreciate your comments Lynn…and I’ve had fun playing…as this has become an almost memorized space…and I never tire of seeing it somehow…endless land…heading down sunday so ill see it again but it will be different it always is…thank you for your thoughts…many smiles 🙃🙂☺️🤓❣️

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