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According to Buddha

A human being is an animal, a part of nature. But we single ourselves out from the rest of nature. We classify other animals and living beings as nature, as if we ourselves are not part of it. Then we pose the question, “How should I deal with Nature?” We should deal with nature the way we deal with ourselves. Harming nature is harming ourselves, and vice versa.

hedy bach images - bear - 1

hedy bach images - bear - 5

hedy bach images - bear - 4

hedy bach images - bear - 3

hedy bach images - bear - 8

hedy bach images - bear - 2

here on this mountaintop oh oh oh
i got some wild, wild life
i got some news to tell ya oh oh
about some wild, wild life


‘don’t feed the bears’ Banff National Park~ fotos by f.fynebuik ~ circa 1958 ~ January 2020

  1. Good words; nice song! 🙂

  2. These are awesome, Hedy. And so true. Have a great week ahead.

    • ☺️🤓🙃🙂 at the coast with the wee starseed 👼 it’s joyful! hoping you’ve had a productive and joyful week as well Chris ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  3. Wise words from Buddha.

  4. Sometimes we are an uncontrollable animal still unable to keep our tongue in check,
    holding back all those thoughts that only an animal could have.

  5. We live under the delusion that we can control nature, and are therefore above it.

  6. Oh my, Hedy. What a set of photos. We are all connected and we should never feel superior to animals!

  7. What great old photos. #3 is kinda the definition of a bad idea…in most circumstances…

    • I know right Johnny…I can see my father being a cautious new immigrant…I don’t know the story but it was from before I was born…☺️🤓

  8. Excellent quote from Buddha, we must all learn this lesson, live our lives in harmony with all things never forget it. I must ask are these family photographs? They are great and actually bring memories of my childhood traveling. Have a wonderful week my friend.

  9. Good question. Nice photos.

  10. Yes. Don’t feed the bears… 🙂 (Or the morons that pretend to rule us…) 😉

    • this was just before 1960…and yes humans are slow learners…I want to believe we are more evolved…we each do our own work…who wants to boss humans around anyways 😉🙃🙂

      • Boss humans around? A good question. I had to in my own company. One rule: if you treat people like humans some will eventually behave as such. 😉 plitics? I was in student politics in France and the US. Resigned after a while. Couldn’t take the permanent lies. I did form a Market research society here. Still politics but I enjoyed it.
        Ee each donour own work indeed. Be good Hedy. (How are you holding up?)

        • I’m at the coast…being away helps of course next week I will plan my mothers celebration of life for February 20…I have some moments of course 😔☺️💫 and so much makes little sense to me in our political world albeit everything is political 🤓 of course we can do better, right! Hugs ☺️🤓🤗

  11. LOvely vintage pictures BTW. Part of your family archive?

    • well it was a hidden treasure actually…my parents rarely spoke of their his/herstories…I found a plastic bag of vintage fotos…some I will never know the story…but fun to see and share with my cousins in the Netherlands…I must get there to do my research…I’m pining to do this work 🤓☺️ and I will!

      • A treasure bag of vintage photos. Wow. No pencil markings on the back? Di you still have uncles or aunts? Older cousins? This will be a fantastic research. Best wishes.

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