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According to Buddha

Consciousness sleeps in minerals, dreams in plants, wakes up in animals, and becomes self-aware in humans.

hedy bach images - zoo - 1

hedy bach images - zoo - 3

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there’s another world, it’s made for us
trapped in bodies, they’re made to rust
it’s one that i can break right through
i am ready, how about you?


orphaned animals ~ Greater Vancouver Zoo,  Aldergrove BC ~ February 2020

  1. 🙂 Great post!

  2. Oh, beautiful animals. I hope they get a good life after being orphans. Have a great week, Hedy.

    • They are gorgeous…I’ve never been so close to a wild animal…but their stories are sad. Humans😌can be so disappointing. And the contested issues of conservation and well you know Chris all the ‘little boxes’ humans create…always learning along the way 🤓🤗💫 smiles Hedy

  3. I like how you prominently used the fences, showing that the animals are caged.
    Excellent work.

  4. Thought-provoking images of jail for these magnificent creatures. I do hope that Vancouver gets its act together.

    • They have beautiful coats…they appear very healthy 🤓☺️ I have no idea the costs involved in housing rescued animals…the zoo/conservation is highly contested…thank Michael ☺️💫

      • It is not lost on me that these animals are rescued and would’ve fared far worse if they had not been. It is good to know that they appear healthy. But it certainly would be better for them to have nicer surroundings.

  5. I’m still highly uncertain about the “self aware in humans.”

    • Oooooh me too George…but I don’t know…someone told me we’re all where suppose to be 🤔🤓 hmmmmm have a happy day ~ smiles Hedy 😀

      • …we think we are…that’s the delusion…

        • Yes and accordingly…Moha (Buddhism) Moha (Sanskrit, Pali: मोह; Tibetan phonetic: timuk) is a Vedic concept of character affliction or poison, and refers to “delusion, confusion, dullness”. It is sometimes synonymous with “ignorance” (avidyā)….and then it’s all an illusion…for some…🕉☺️

  6. a bit sad for me.

  7. Liberating animals once caged are like human beings
    becoming aware and now seeing the light.

    • yes…trauma…the bears know their names…and came forward when I called them…also apparently the bear bit a toddlers arm last year…on some levels it’s all so bizarre…I see sunlight here so I’m going with being bright today dear Eddie ☺️🤓🤗 happiness your way 💫

  8. Very effective, emphasizing those fences. Tough to look at.

    • it was a odd space indeed…tough yet I was curious about the animals stories…humans do some odd things…not sure why you need these as pets 🤔😳 but apparently…smiles…your way…hoping your travel plans work…hugs hedy ☺️🤗❣️

      • Thanks Hedy – yes, and it’s funny that the human/animal interface relates to what’s going on with the virus, too, as I’m sure you’ve heard. But that’s more about eating them than about having them as pets. Can’t we just appreciate wild animals in their own places? Anyway, unfortunately, we won’t be going. Two doctors said it’s risky, for a variety of reasons. It’s sad to let go of the pleasurable expectations, but we won’t have any trouble finding other places to explore.

        • ahhhh yes eating animals Lynn….and I’ve been wondering about the Olympic Games as well…and well my trust levels feel very low these days with humans in positions of power and truth telling…but our world is large lots of adventures can be planned…wonder what you will choose 🤔☺️🤓

  9. Ah these are rescued animals Miss Hedy! They appear very healthy. Shame that they are caged .. Very very sad .. Hugs

    • yes beautiful coats…and as I also wonder why these old tired cages but again I know nothing about zoo keeping…let’s hope their enclosures will improve…they are visually ugly…we can better…indeed…smiles and joy for you Julie ~ enjoy your gardens 🌸 🌺 🌹 smiles hedy ☺️

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