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  1. ‘Feelings’ come and go,
    much like the weather.
    Can we base truth on that?

    • yes they do…and feelings have feelings so we’re responsible for our feelings…weather…truth…oh these are heavy words these days…I’ve been ashamed of being an Albertan this week in particular…I don’t belong here 🤓😞 we could do much much better here 🙂 make more art ☺️☀️💛

  2. Are you referring to what Gurdjieff called the Chief Feature?

    • I’ve not read much about chief feature…so I don’t know…I read a wee bit 🤓…”Chief feature is probably not “all negative.” We actually need it. After all, in our relatively crippled ordinary state- we are all so partial we limp along through life without any inner unity, and are constantly trying to compensate for our lack of inner connection- we need at least some strong part to help us along. Life is always unexpectedly battering us in one way or another, and if we can’t meet it in a right way- with balance and unity- then we better have a few defenses to deploy.”

      Perhaps, this is similar in the telling and retelling of stories…and playing the doubting game is always easier than the believing game…inside work is all outside work…but I don’t know…I can be jaded at times ☺️🤔 I’ll read more about this invisible chief feature…thank you for sharing 🤓🙏😃

  3. I really love the negative space in both of these images. Feel it gives me space in which a soul may hide….nice…jw

    • That’s lovely for me to read James…I’ve also had a need to give myself space to breathe…i like your words “space in which a soul may hide….thank you kindly ~ smiles Hedy ☺️💫

  4. The quote is perfect; the images divine. Just enough. Not too much. Not too little. I stop. I stare. I don’t know if you want to reveal what the second image is, but if you would reveal it, I would be fascinated.

  5. Oh. I just got it. Masterful.

  6. Love that photograph.

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  7. Wish the blog would let us ❤️ a post. Well there it is.

  8. sooooo canny of you to play with our perspective in your photos. This post has made me think a lot xxx

  9. Amazing abstracts.

  10. Truth! 😉

  11. Very true. Humans are incredibly good at inventing stories to “explain” anything. I’m sure many stories circulate already on why the coronavirus has been unleashed on “unrepentful mankind”. 😉

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