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According to Buddha

Start from where you are – not where you wish you were. The work you’re doing becomes your path.

hedy bach images - creek night - 7

hedy bach images - creek night - 8

even as the sunset descends on me
i stay unmoved to change the view
of where it leads
(of where it leads)


time just before dark ~Mill Creek Ravine ~ Ettown ~ March 2020

  1. Always stimulating to visit here and then ponder.

    Stay well

    Regards Thom

    • Thank you kindly Thom 🙏 apologies for delayed response…I’m appreciative that you can ponder when you visit…thanks for saying ☺️🤓 smiles hedy 😄

  2. .
    Thought flows, light follows, the day begins.
    Blessings and love be yours, Eddie

    • all good things back dear Eddie…hopinng you’re doing ok too…we are fine…I’m sending you light and peace…this too shall end…🤓🤗❣️

  3. Such beautiful colors at this time of day, Hedy.

    • Apologies for late response Chris and yes not the typical time of day for me…time seems upside down these days…hope you and your loved ones are well ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗🤓

  4. Lots, lots, lots of love and hugs, be well, stay well!

  5. Peaceful and calming images. They bring about a feeling of solitude and introspection. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wise words, beautiful images.

  7. If we are on the right track, it is not worth changing course. The landscape immerses us in a pleasant dream where one would like to always be: silence to listen to the soul.

    • yes indeed Manuel…if we are on the right track…maybe it’s okay to miss a train or two…and witness and see what unfolds….I do appreciate silence more than ever…compose a soulful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🤗💫

      • Ciao Hedy.
        Prima di tutto, il tuo nome è molto dolce e tenero.
        Oggi siamo obbligati a dialogare con il silenzio.
        L’unico modo per parlare al nostro interno.
        Il tuo sorriso è buono per me.
        Buona domenica a casa.

        • Ciao Manuel ☺️
          bueno, puedo enviarte más sonrisas y un montón de alegría … esperando que tú y tus seres queridos estén seguros y saludables ~ smiles hedy 🤓🤗🙃🙂

          • Me abruma tu amabilidad y de verás que disfruto de tus sonrisas. Eres una dulzura hecha mujer.
            Una tarde mejor para ti Hedy. (me encanta pronunciar tu nombre)

  8. A nice view, we don’t get anymore in the city. Did I mention that hour between day and night is called in French “Entre chien et loup”? Between go and wolf. It is the time when the light becomes so dim you can’t tell if you see a dog or a wolf…
    Be safe

    • ahhhh and here it’s coyotes…and walking on ice 🥶🙃☺️ hope you and your loved ones are doing ok…and your daughter and son-in-law working hard I imagine 🤓😔 big hugs hedy 🤗

      • They are. It is eerie. Too quiet still. Though the stories of how a chain of people get contaminated by sheer carelessness are… enlightening on human nature…
        Hugs back.

        • here I’m reading we are holding the line…so cross fingers…stay strong Brian…take care of you and your loved ones ☺️🤓❣️

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