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According to Buddha

Practically speaking, if all of your enemies were well, happy, and peaceful, they would not be your enemies. If they were free from problems, pain, suffering, affliction, neurosis, psychosis, paranoia, fear, tension, anxiety, etc., they would not be your enemies. The practical approach toward your enemies is to help them overcome their problems, so you can live in peace and happiness.

hedy bach - ice green - 2

hedy bach - ice green - 6

hedy bach - ice green - 3

hedy bach - ice green - 4

hedy bach - ice green - 5

the future’s open wide
i’ll stop the world and melt with you
you’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time


melting ice ~ a day ago ~ Etown ~ April 2020

  1. These pictures are so beautiful ❤️🙏😇.

  2. I like the Buddha quote today. So often this is true. Oh, chilly photos today. The only ice here is in the ice cube tray in my freezer. Stay safe, stay health and stay creative, Hedy.

    • yes Chris spring is not ready…we are warming but it’s slow…long winter here for sure…indoor smiles hoping you’re enjoying your weekend ~ smiles hedy sending you joy ☺️💫🥶😉

  3. Stay safe and stay positive.❤️😇🙏

  4. Wise words. Beautiful pictures.

  5. One thing is certain, there is calm, clever, forward thinking here, with every post,
    and incredible photos to illustration it!
    Hugs dear friend, Eddie

  6. Excellent photos.
    Here it is nearly 20 C now…

    • 🥶-18 yesterday and snow today but now winds and delicious sun but still below…I’m yearning warmth and green🌱…but it always comes right🤓 have a peaceful day Rabirius 💫

  7. _Gorgeous_

  8. Oh Hedy! I’ve tried photographing icicles and been desperately unsuccessful. These are just gorgeous, especially the first two.

    • I tried many times…and I captured these just before it all came crashing down…I’ll be happier once all the ice is gone…sigh…but I also have my mantra going 😉 float home🤓 enjoy the spring days…💕

  9. and there they are, those frozen enemies thawing into health & peace & friendship…

    • I watched them melt over the days I was photographing them…they all broke off shortly after…yes the earth is healing Penny ~ hoping you are also enjoying some fresh Vancouver sunshine ~ smiles hedy ☺️🌞 smiles hedy

  10. Nice photos! A touch of magic.

    • yes the icicles do feel magic ☺️💫 and now they are all gone for this year🤗 hooray…soon spring will arrive ~ hugs hedy 💐💕

  11. Ah. Le dégel… 🙂
    Thank you for your thoughts about “enemies”. Food for thought. Though to achieve that one realy must become Buddha…

  12. Great advice for all of us!

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