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According to Buddha

Words are like the finger pointing at the moon. They point to what is unspeakable. They can take you into their method to get you beyond words. They only work if you don’t get lost in the content. They start moving you in a certain direction, but then you’ve got to let go. They’re not the ocean, they’re the diving board. But you walk out on the diving board to get into the ocean. So we can convey relative truth, not absolute truth.

hedy bach - pink moon - 5

hedy bach - pink moon - 2

hedy bach - pink moon - 4

hedy bach - pink moon - 1

saw it written and i saw it say
pink moon is on its way
and none of you stand so tall
pink moon gonna get ye all
and it’s a pink moon
hey it’s a pink moon


April’s ‘pink moon‘ ~ Etown ~ April 2020

  1. Beautiful skies, Hedy. How are you doing with all the changes? I hope you’re healthy and safe. Cheers.

    • it was so pink and pretty on the full moon…and yes Alberta is sky country indeed Chris…days seem to run into each other more than ever but I’ve got some webinars to do and projects…foto book…all stocked up for another week…and I’m sure it will be a bit yet…hoping you and your loved ones are also hanging in…here it seems we are holding the line so that’s good news…smiles and joy your way ☺️🌸 💫 hedy

      • We’re holding the line here also, Hedy. It’s good to hear you’re doing well.

        • well not much else one can do…but there are some humans (very few) but they are starting to bend/break the rules in Vancouver…I think humans in etown are just worn out by winter…I’m never bored…so much to do now I can even reconnect with past yoga teachers who are all over the world for a class…so that’s cool…different but good for me…happy day to you Chris ☺️💫

          • I’m glad you’re staying busy and interested in things. Teaching online has kept me busy. I’m not sure what will happen with summer school. There are enough projects around the house and yard to keep me busy for a long time.

          • I know right…with travelling out…we too have many projects that require some attention…I understand when you say busy for a long time…🤓😂☺️🙋‍♀️🌷

  2. So beautiful Hedy, Happy Easter and stay safe and healthy!!!

    • Happy easter Paulo 💕🐇…we are safe and doing well…thank you…and I also hope you and your loved ones are strong and healthy 🌱💕

  3. Cool. But, not cold.

    • cabin fever…🥶 wind🌬💨🌦❄️🌬 hoping you’re having a peaceful day Ray ~ 🤗💫💐

      • I just shot three holes in my freezer, I think I have cabin fever… Jimmy Buffett. We are having tornadoes, so yeah, very peaceful. 🤯⛈🌪

        • I saw a few headlines…hope you’re safe…wild days Ray…and as Nick Cave writes
          ‘Cause the sea offers nothing to hold or touch
          Notch by notch, winter by winter
          Notch by notch, winter by winter

          music day here…hugs hedy 🤗

          • We are good. Our rate of infection has dropped significantly in the past five days. It’s always music day here, which brings me to live music shows. My colleagues and I have been talking informally. Looks like nobody will be going on the road until October 2021. Sports and us have the biggest potential to start infecting people en masse. Peace. Enjoy every taco.

          • ahhhhhh 2021 but also makes sense when you read histories of past pandemics…yes more music here…can’t listen to all these experts…un/licenced ones…doing more meditations to quiet my hedy head…I made tacos this week actually…and I do wonder what our world will unfold into over the next months…🤔🤷‍♀️

          • A lot of factors. Not the least being fans. Don’t want to create a musical hot point. Nope one state is even close to being ready. There is a long piece in the NYT that details the future. I’m sorry to say that this is with us forever in one form or another. I did learn something about the Spanish Flu. It morphed and quieted down. Today it is HN1 N1, the seasonal flu that arrives in fall.

          • yes Ray…”this is with us forever in one form or another”…I think about my euro friends and relatives and us here in the north…we *mostly* all tend follow what our leaders/experts say…and yes the Spanish Flu caused by an H1N1 virus which lasted from January 1918 to December 1920…an estimated 50 million people worldwide died from the infection…I believe this story lingers deeply in our consciousness..and still, questions remain about when and where the virus started circulating in people…but I don’t know…🤷‍♀️…it’s all a mystery to me.

          • We can’t follow what our president says because he’s an incompetent idiot, so we have to turn to our governors, who for the most part are doing good job. Oh, I’m pretty sure the story is true. It started in a wet market in Wuhan, China. As the say in China, “we will eat anything with four legs except the table and chairs.” How did the bat which infected the pangolin catch it? That’s the question.

          • 45 is indeed a 🤥🙄😱🤮🤑🥺…it’s all really weird in my hedy head…I just read a piece in the NP…”if we immediately knew the exact place where a new virus came from, particularly this virus; The whole reason COVID-19 is killing everyone is because it’s really hard to contact trace. You or I could have it right now and nobody will ever know”…I don’t know… 🤷‍♀️ so many questions…

          • In the US it’s hard to trace because we don’t have enough testing supplies. Nor, do we have enough people working as tracers. Trump wants to start the economy by May 1. One May 15 you can watch the bodies pile up.

            At least I know that I’m not symptomatic. A friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He went to the hospital without his phone charger. I brought him one. At the door, which I could never enter, I was met by a triage nurse. She took my temperature and handed me a mask. I’m convinced that I am dead because my temp was 96.2. 98.9 is what it supposed to be.

            Wish us luck. In a few minutes I take the dog who sees stuff to the vet. She has arthritis, which really bloomed this week. She could walk for a bit. Then, she would stand still. She would tremble. What I know about dogs is when a dog is that kind of pain, she in in misery. I kept her own at home for the past two days. One of her cocker sisters is keeping her company.

          • So much going on in all our lives and yes friends and critters all continue on with their stories…some hard ones to live…be well Ray and safe ☺️🤓🐶👣 hugs Hedy 🤗

          • Too much going on. The all seeing dog is very sick. She has a bladder stone which has infected her urethra. A couple of meds and a lot of water…

          • 🧐😔😢🐶🌷ahhhh gentle hugs Ray

  4. Hey Miss Hedy … wow these are wonderful and that’s the truth! Hugs from Frog Pond and Happy Easter 🙂

    • happy easter Julie 🐇💛 always appreciate your comments…love and hugs to Frog Pond…I must come and see your posts 🤓🤗 hugs hedy

  5. Lovely colors, Hedy. And such a beautiful round moon lifting from the horizon. Twilight has always been one of my favorite times. You’ve captured the essence of it here, and I’ve enjoyed sharing in it.


    • Humble thank you Michael…I’ve been doing some evening walks durning these isolation times…now all dogs are also not allowed off leash…so I find spaces where I can bend some rules within endless land and knowing my mutt has great recall…It was a beautiful pink night ~ sending writing vibes hoping you and your loved ones are well ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗💫💐

  6. Great photos. Beautiful skies and Clouds.
    A piece of hope. Happy Easter.

    • of course I will remain hopelessly hopeful…happy easter Alex…hoping you and your loved ones are all fine ☺️💐💕 hugs and joy ~ hedy

  7. yes. words are pointers.

  8. I think I see a bit of relative truth and absolute truth in these gorgeous images, Hedy. 🙂

  9. Such beautiful light. (Albeit chilly). Thanks for the light Hedy

    • I think 🤔 the freshness is slowly leaving…I’m done photographing snow…did one last post for this season…now double digit numbers for this week are arriving woot woot…sending you joy Brian…🙃🙂hope you and family are safe and healthy 🤓❣️

      • double digits! Wow! Let’s throw a party. 🎉 🎈 🥳
        Staying home. You too?

        • Starting week 6 actually Brian…looks like a bit yet…cautious Canadians you know…ok I’d rather be safe…but really I dint know ☺️🤓🧐 I follow our medical chief officer 💪☀️ be well! Hugs Hedy

          • Chief medical officer? Is that a government official or at the U.?
            When I look at world figures, I wonder why some countries have radically better “results”. Canada is one. Germany. There must be something to be learnt…
            Hugs back Hedy. 🙏🏻

          • Dr. Deena Hinshaw was appointed Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health on January 28, 2019…we are starting our 6th week of isolating and social distancing…all dogs on leash…albeit I found spaces with no humans or dogs…so yup we’re being obedient…hugs back too you Brian ☺️🙋‍♀️🤗

          • Congrats to her.
            When I look at the country curves, there definitely is a segmentation between disciplined countries and non-
            Stay safe.

          • it’s all a wonder…many things seem curious or troubling to me…but ok I’m playing the believing game…unknowns and uncertainties always take thoughtful response…time and reflection…I’m making food…feelings of gratitude ☀️🌷🤓 coming over to see your travels…having a coffee ☺️🙋‍♀️

        • I’ve worked from home for decades…no problem for me…I dislike shopping so also no problem…but I do need to go to get groceries soon…and yes I’m having a tiny party for my little sister Wednesday 🤗❣️

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