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Godbout’s YUL number

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According to Buddha

Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery.

hedy bach - church steeple - 2_

hedy bach - church steeple - 3_

hedy bach - church steeple - 1_

hedy bach - church steeple -7

hedy bach - church steeple - 6

somebody told me to believe
to believe
to believe
to believe
to believe


steeples from ‘Church Street‘ ~ Edmonton ~ April 2020


  1. My first thought was this is a nice collection of steeples but it also sounds like they are on the same street. Nice. I hope your week is going well, Hedy.

    • No people…just 13 churches in a small corridor within the McCauley neighbourhood here in Etown…and a couple of nice markets close by…being outside for many hours is so great after cabin fever and the longest winter since 1960…I’m grateful for that 🤓☀️ have a joyous day Chris 🌷

    • 🎼🎶🎵 From Olalla to the city lights
      Somebody told me to believe in better times🎶🎵🎶I love Blanco White song “ Olalla,”….a whirling ode to whimsical place…have a joyous day Maria ☀️💛

  2. Good one to describe religion. There’s something…but maybe not your God.

    • I appreciated it as well…and of course there’s always something 🤓🙃…organized religion poses a huge problem for me…I tend to become uncomfortable around all ideologies that brand themselves as ‘the truth’ or ‘the way’…those systems that find energy in self-righteous belief and the suppression of contrary systems of thought…I’m off to walk the woods with my dog…have a joyful writing day George ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  3. If you stick to the essence, and skip the details, you find more in common in the various religions than differences. I vote for the similarities. I think we all get along a lot better that way. But that does remind me of a classic joke from Emo Phillips:

    • ☺️indeed kindness is always possible🤓…I was raised dutch christian reformed…I escaped…always ever curious…and as I mature I’ve become more willing to open my mind to the unknown…but I like to know, you know ☺️🤓 this week my hedy head has been on DOG 🐕 and as Nick Cave writes ‘insisting on nothing other than the freedom to look beyond what we think we know.’…have a creative day and funny day Michael ~ smiles hedy 🙃🙂😄

  4. Enjoying the song!

  5. Agreed. Religions are but myths that have prospered. And what is a myth? An attempt at explanation… Why doe the sun go from right to left? Well, child, there was a god called Ré, who traveled on a boat…

    • and fairytales too ☺️🤓I’ll check on god called Ré, who traveled on a boat…I like that one 💫 sending joy Brian

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