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According to Buddha

Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.

hedy bach - JUNO study - 19

hedy bach - JUNO study - 4_

hedy bach - JUNO study - 11_

hedy bach - JUNO study - 9_

(s)he gives
i get

and the dogs they run
and the dogs they
and the dogs they run
in the good good morning sun


my one week mutt study ~ etown ~ April 2020

  1. Your mutt is adorable. I love the texture that the BW brings out, Hedy. I hope all is well with you and you’re not too stir crazy these days.

    • Worked out not bad 🤔 created with my mobile and quick tiny edits in Lr…I also appreciate b/w🖤🤍…ahhhh Chris I’m never bored and I also having enormous feelings of gratitude for where I’m at…🏡🚗🧘‍♀️🐕‍🦺etc…l’ll survive…I ready for the next chapter to begin 🤓💪 have a productive day ~ hugs Hedy 🤗☀️

  2. Oh, what a wonderful creature, so well captured, those moments. Hope you’re well, safe and sound! Sending hugs from Vienna! 🌸💗🤗🌏🌎🌍

    • Ahhhhh yes Silvia a great mutt indeed for me 🐶 it was fun to capture her over the isolation week…starting week 7 here…we’re all good here…of course curious and imaging a reset button…a new beginning of some kind or another here and there and everywhere I imagine…sending you hugs back from etown ☀️🌷💕🤗🌎🌍

      • I have lost track on the numbers of weeks in isolation … we’ll get through this, time passes, bones are healing, patience, faith, visions and just now doing what is possible (as small as it may seem, but it’s something accomplished ….)… take good care, stay well, sending love! Silvia

        • Good you’re healing and perhaps, just maybe the humans on earth can heal too ☺️🌎💕sending you healing vibes and all good things Silvia ☀️💪

  3. Mr goodness, Hedy, that face is priceless.
    ….and the beard is soooo long 🙂

    • Well her face is saying get that device away from me…I bribed her with cheese…and yes her beard is her signature for sure…have a creative day Vicki 🤓☺️☀️ smiles Hedy 💫

  4. If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else!

    • Yes indeed Michael…I see some Buddha teachings as steps to take towards loving ourselves in a natural, organic and healthy way…there’s plenty of narcissism and selfishness…I remember a long while back when someone gave me this quote…from a Buddha,

      “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

      …I like it still ☺️sending joy Hedy 💫

  5. Beautiful. Soulful. And I can tell she is kind. A person in a dog suit. My blog, or blogs on Chewy will come up in a week or two.

    • 🐶😂☺️ yes she is kind…really decent dog…easy going…protective…she loves to see me with my camera for walks but she doesn’t like her photo taken at all…she prefers to be the surveyor not surveyed as Berger would say ☺️🐶…looking forward to see Chewy…and thanks for the idea for my post on my mutt 🤓🖤🤍 have a creative day Michael 💫 smiles Hedy

  6. a PERFECT subject for monochrome!!!!

  7. If we are kind then dogs bring out the best in us, don’t they? Even if we are less than kind we are more likely to be gentle with a dog. And those of us less comfortable around people are more open with a dog. Your pal is so sweet and accommodating. My pup does not like the camera or phone stuck in his face at all. Lovely post, Hedy.

    • She’s a great dog initially 12.5 years ago I wasn’t so sure as I had two but now she’s my only one and I love her to bits 🐕‍🦺🖤 she’s our baby gorilla that’s what we call her 🤓 have a happy day Steve enjoy your pup 💫 smiles Hedy

  8. Hedy – such beautiful doggie portraits and snapshots – 😉
    Could feel the fur in a couple photos
    And the down view of the clogs was cool – did you add an image to the shoe tops?

    • Apologies this was caught up in WP spam ☺️🤓 those are my clogs…I wear them actually🙄I’ve always worn clogs all my life…many people dislike them…but I love them…thanks for coming by Prior appreciate your comment ~ compose a productive and creative day ~ hedy☺️😄💫

  9. I love that Buddha quote. Must remember it!

  10. In the photos where he looks straight at you he appears to have a lot of wisdom.
    Excellent series, Hedy.

    • She a wise old dog 🐕‍🦺 and I love her very much…I appreciate your comments Rabirius humble thank you ☺️💫☀️ smiles and hugs Hedy 🤗

  11. What gentle spirit your dog has. ❤

    • She does indeed Lloyd…and she’s a tough side too…it comes out when needed 🐕‍🦺☺️☀️ have a creative day smiles Hedy 😀

  12. God in drag? LOL. Not many foot the bill. And those are great pictures of love and wisdom.

  13. Your mutt is beyond beautiful, Hedy! So many gorgeous expressions 😍Lots of virtual paw 🐾 pats coming your way 🤗

  14. Oh Miss Hedy ..what a gorgeous pooch! Just showed hubby. Love that beard. Taken with mobile too you say … clever girl! Hugs 🤗

    • ☺️🐕‍🦺she’s a great mutt I love her very much…yes I can sneak the phone although she knows…cheese bribes do help 😉☺️ have a joyous day…all good in New Zealand I’ve read 🤓💪🌷 hugs Hedy

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