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According to Buddha

Anytime you push something away it’s still there.

hedy bach - mother day - 8

hedy bach - mother day - 1_

hedy bach - mother day - 4

hedy bach - mother day - 3

hedy bach - mother day - 2

to my window to the sky
to my window to the sky
falling down, i thought i had it all wrapped up inside my head



kitchen 🖤 ~ etown ~ May 2020

  1. oh, this is great. I should do something with all the old bottles and mason jars in the barn.

  2. A beautiful window. The light is magic!

    • It’s facing east so sunrise can sparkle through…it’s all about the light Alex…at least for me ☀️🌷💫 hope you have a delightful day ~ hugs Hedy 🤗

  3. Really excellent photos, Hedy.

  4. these are brilliant shots, Hedy, I’d imagine the realm of alchemy would look like that 🙂

  5. Bottles now? You always look at the universe as a source of inspiration, right? ✌️

  6. Is that your kitchen Miss Hedy? Wonderful images my friend. And of course my favourite is the last one with that beautiful kitty! How is that garden coming along?🙂

    • Yes and the gardening is coming along as I have an addictive type of personality so I kept going I’m sure it’s been a decade…it feels so good to be in the dirt Julie…who knows what will pop up and grow all a mystery but so joyful…our weather has been most delightful winter boom summer…well northern style ☺️☀️🌷💫hugs Hedy

  7. These are really nice, Hedy. Once again, you know just what style to use to best communicate about your subject.

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