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According to Buddha

Only that in you, which is me can hear what I’m saying.

hedy bach - spring green tree - 4

hedy bach - spring green tree - 6

hedy bach - spring green tree - 5

grandfathers watchful eye, follows me around…
grandmothers loving arms, to hear her sweet sound.

dancing on mother earth
feet never leave the ground.
i’m searching for all i’m worth
peace. will be found.


a day ago ~ in the garden + woods ~ Etown ~ May 2020

  1. Yes!!!☀️🌻

    • It’s been so pleasant outside…I’m giving my green thumb a chance 💚🤔🤗little live things are popping up in my northern gardens…have a creative day Maria ☀️💛

  2. such interesting mix of you and the nature 🙂 all the best, PedroL

    • I’ve been inside outside for so many days…I was playing with my little black box and iPhone…working in the gardens and it came together…it’s all a big mix now ☺️🌷🙋‍♀️ compose a joyful day PedroL ~ smiles Hedy

  3. You always have the most creative concepts, Hedy. These are great. Have a good week. Stay safe.

    • My Hedy head just keeps running you know…and I was just with what has been in front of me over the past days…I had music on…it’s been many years since I’ve gardened and it’s felt so good to be in the dirt…We’ve done some phase 1 post covid things…went for a beer…purchased a fridge…picked up my images from a gallery…a wee bit more…we have a cohort so we have a weekly dinner…I’m quite enjoying the dialled back feeling…I’m feeling gratitude…hoping you’re doing good too Chris ☀️💛…missing the little starseed though ~ sending all good things for a happy day🌷

  4. Morning, Hedy. Is that you in the middle picture?


  5. A beautiful mixture of rhythms and patterns you have managed to achieve. Keep smiling.

  6. beautiful images, filled with sunshine…one with nature – you look so happy, Hedy 🙂

    • I am a happy being…and being outside is always the best for me Alexandra…sunshine and quiet and sunshine and music…today the earth is healing…we have rain 🌧 ☔️ so good to make things pop…smiles ~ hedy ☺️💐

  7. Oh Hedy these are wonderful! Both creative and beautiful.

    • Thanks kindly Alison so fun to make taking little gardening breaks…inside/outside life all good here ☀️😎 hoping you and Don are well 💛🤗

  8. Beautiful. I love this composition; it has all the feels…

  9. Beautiful art work, and I love the grandparent words, tears to my eyes. I want to get back to some real hugs.

    • Being in the dirt I was thinking of my grandparents and ancestors from the Netherlands…my one oma was a gardener…big hugs back Navasolanature 🤓☺️🌷 smiles Hedy

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog. What a gem. Loved every tiny detail about it. I’m officially a new huge fan 🙂 I have a portfolio blog with photographs and poems too if you’d like to check out: – will be looking forward to more of your posts!

  11. I like the feet

    • My feet…gardening feet…dirty feet ☺️🤓☀️ I love being barefoot Gavin ~ sending sun and light from Etown ~ Hedy 🙋‍♀️

  12. Nice images. It´s great to dancing with mother earth.

    • it’s been so nice outside I’ve had such fun forgetting about the world and being in the dirt…I have feelings of gratitude ~ hugs and love hedy ☺️

  13. Wow, Hedy, it looks like things are blossoming! I love this effect, and the colors you chose. Talk about joy!

    • Oh yes it was fun…thanks kindly dear Lynn joy and hugs your way…trying to plot a plan to get to see the starseed…missing my little family on the west coast ☺️👼💫 hugs Hedy

      • Soon for you, I hope. We’re thinking about in-state trips but can’t even plan those yet – our county is still in phase 1. So are many other counties here; I think we’ll get to phase 2 in a week or so. Then it will look more possible to make an overnight trip.
        CBC in Vancouver comes in on my car radio and sometimes I hear BC’s Bonnie Henry talking about cases (accuracy! transparency! how refreshing!) and advising everyone to be kind. She’s so reassuring…I’ve decided she’s the new Mr. Rogers. 😉

        • We’re in phase 1…I’m just looking at numbers now…no more news…well a tiny bit 🧐🤓so I lied…but so many experts 🤔😳🥺🥴so yes our medical chief said suggested we find creative ways to be with your grandchildren…so Dr. Henry and Dr. Hindshaw…I’m listening to them…we will live with/through this virus…so indeed kindness is always possible…we move forward cautiously…I’d say they are cautious doctors…everyone’s learning along the way 🤓

          • Well, as I said, it’s refreshing to hear Dr. Henry. Cautious, smart, and caring. At least Washington’s governor is on the same wavelength, even if that other guy is far off the mark. Good for you for staying positive. 🙂

          • I’m not letting my joy go…I’m grateful ☺️

  14. Fun pics Miss Hedy … nice to see you in that photo! How is that garden growing? 🤩

    • Dirt under my nails…snow yesterday 🥺🌷 moved the plants but now they are back in sun growing ☀️💫 it’s not a gardening climate here in the north but we’ll see what grows 🧐🙋‍♀️ sending joy Julie 🌷🤗

  15. “Only that in you, which is me can hear what I’m saying.”
    Hmm. So since very few can achieve to be part of me, very few can hear what I’m saying? Now I understand the difficulty of human communication. 🙏🏻
    Lovely to see so much light in your garden and the “montages” as well.

    • ☺️🤓…listening is hard work…snow yesterday but now back into delicious sunshine ☀️💫 happiness your way Brian 🤗

      • Snow yesterday? OMG. I know you’re used to it, but still. “Here comes the sun…”

        • It’s here again now I hear the lawn mower so I’m back inside…it’s an in/outside life these days…I have feelings of gratitude Brian ☺️💫🌷 trusting you’re all well…back to my pansies 🌷 smiles Hedy

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