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According to Buddha

You can be still and still moving. Content even in your discontent.

hedy bach - green look up - 2

hedy bach - green look up - 5

hedy bach - green look up - 4

i talk to the trees
but they don’t listen to me
i talk to the stars
but they never hear me

the breeze hasn’t time
to stop and hear what i say
i talk to them all in vain


hammock hiding in the trees ~ yesterday Etown ~ June 2020

  1. You always manage to speak my heart and ease it at the same time.

  2. It’s nice to see everything so green there, Hedy. Have a great day. Smiles.

    • Thank you kindly Chris…yes joyous neon greens…feels so good…smiles and joy back at ya for a productive and fun week ~ hugs hedy 🤗☀️🙂

  3. What a beautiful shade of green, Hedy.
    Only spring can bring.

    A fresh look at life
    So very invigorating!

  4. Ahh such fresh, fresh greeeeen! Wonderful.

  5. Fresh green is always nourish the mind and ease the eyes. Lovely, Hedy.

  6. i believe the trees, stars, wind, bees, birds, flowers and nature in general, does listen. they lack understanding.. but i talk all the same. for the wind carries my words for others to hear. it is not enough to talk but show just how we feel.

    one day, nature will understand and answer back.

    • oh me too Buddy…these are the words from Chet Baker “I Talk To The Trees.”

      …”But suddenly my words
      Reach someone else’s ear
      At someone else’s heart strings too
      I tell you my dreams
      And while you’re listening to me
      I suddenly see them come true”…

      compose a beautiful day ~ sending joy ~ smiles hedy ☺️🙃🙂💫

  7. nice greenery

    • yes its the new neon green time…soon it changes to the green green 💚😀 hoping you’re doing well…sending you creative vibes ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗☀️

  8. Talking to them does your heart good though…

  9. Lovely, all: the Dharma quote, photos and the poem. I always think the trees are listening for some reason though.🙂🙃🙂

    • Thank you kindly Kiora yes Chet Baker – I Talk To The Trees…and the words of Ram Dass seemed to work together for me 🤓 have a joyous and happy day ~ hedy 💫

  10. From sun to green. Or the other way round. Keep talking to the trees Hedy. They do listen.

    • indeed Brian…ahhhh it’s the lovely song by Chet Baker – I Talk To The Trees 🌳 🎼 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵

      • Chet Baker? That’s an old one. I don’t think I’ ever heard the piece. Thanks for sharing.

        • ☺️☀️☀️😂

          • Don’t we all? Miss hugs. We finally had our first family lunch in 3 months. Since Daughter #1 and her hubby tested positive a month ago, it was safe. And daughter 2 came along and we all had a wonderful lunch in the sunny garden with the family and grandkids… 💕💕

          • (I tried to send this reply on another post where you said you missed hugs.) ✌️🌹🌸

          • I love hugs this post another or before…I’ve missed this since March 5th…but I’ve had a tiny tiny bubble of humans 🤗🤗🤗 now the best ones are from the wee one…he’s here now❣️

  11. Today is a green day. Thanks!

  12. Love all the shades of green!

  13. Hey Miss Hedy .. gorgeous green, lush, calming .. big smiles 😃💫

  14. I never know what I’m going to find here, but I can be sure it will be interesting. It’s good to turn the world upside down once in a while. 🙂

    • It’s upside down now…hopefully we’ll see things turn around or perhaps, we can do better right…strange and exciting times indeed ~ smiles and hugs Hedy 🤗☺️🙋‍♀️

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