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According to Buddha

A oneness of all. An evolution in consciousness of us all that isn’t about the egos.

hedy bach - downtown - 4

hedy bach - downtown - 9

hedy bach - downtown - 3

hedy bach - downtown - 5

hedy bach - downtown - 8

hedy bach - downtown - 1_

think of your fellow (hu)man
lend him/her a helping hand
put a little love in your heart

you see it’s getting late
oh, please don’t hesitate
put a little love in your heart

and the world will be a better place
and the world will be a better place
for you and me
you just wait and see


a sunny walk in etown ~ a day ago ~ June 2020

  1. Cool series, Hedy. So many mirrorings on one picture and dripping down to the others.

  2. Wonderful, Hedy. Such a “now,” in-the-moment presence in these images, and I agree with rabirius’s delightfully worded observation, too.

    • ☺️🙃 thanks kindly Lemony…being in the moment in the now…seems to work, mostly 🤓 have a creative day ~ smiles and hugs hedy

  3. A beautiful series, and appropriate words from one of my favorite songwriters.

  4. Nice.

  5. Beautiful images and the lyrics, Hedy. I enjoyed them.

  6. Wonderful street photography Hedy. I especially like the woman reflected – that’s a very cool shot.
    Alison sending smiles from cool Vancouver. We’re wondering when summer will get here 🙁

    • it was a joyful morning…and yes delightfully warm…fun with the foto friday group of friends ~ yes it better be by next week 😉☀️ sending you joy ~ hedy

  7. the smoke and cloud, what a brilliant capture, Hedy 🙂 lovely series and great observations!! wishing you a lovely new week ahead!!

    • Thank you kindly Alexandra…he was most accommodating doing one big smoke cloud ☁️ 😉 have a glorious week as well…sending you joy 💫☺️

  8. The sun is back! Yeah! (Particularly love the first picture)

  9. Fantastic photos. Beatiful and smart.

  10. the first one is awesome.

  11. The first one, the smoke and cloud, is great, Hedy!

  12. Put a little love in your heart 👏❤️

  13. Oh, that first photo is amazing, Hedy, amazing! Great timing. 🙂 Be well and keep creating!

    • Normally I never ask but I did for this one the cloud was a grateful surprise and the human was most accommodating…those vaps create a lot of smoke…and i always see many humans using them🧐☺️ he was a fun being ☺️ hoping you’re doing fine Lynn…strange times…I’m arting my way out…thanks and hugs ☺️💫🤗

      • We’ve got to keep the creative energies going, that keeps us sane in difficult times. Hey, at least you’re not saddled with a beyond incompetent leader. 🙂

        • yup an apprentice president…hoping November brings you and the world a new story…this f*@king Netflix series can end anytime for me…we are living in unprecedented times indeed…smiles from white rock ☺️🙃💫

          • 🙂 White Rock, good, you must be having fun! You’re so close, I could almost wave at you. 😉 Soak it all up! 🙂

          • Oh I’m enjoying…soon we’ll connect I know we will yet…doing more plotting to get here 🤓☺️💫 sending you joy Lynn ☺️

  14. I have loved this whole series of posts. I am so slow though, that the comments are always closed when I get there.
    I particular I loved the web of life with spider art. May we all become the tools of loving compassion!
    Love to you Hedy, wonderful Sloppy perfection.

    • Humble thank you Kiora ☺️ heartfelt thanks…perhaps I need to check my comment timeline ahhhh all the behind the scenes of running my sloppy blog…I only post 2X a week Wednesday and Sunday…have a joyful day and I appreciate your kindness smiles sloppy ~ Hedy ☺️🙋‍♀️🤗❣️

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