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According to Buddha

Creativity springs from the yearning to be the fullness of who you are.

hedy bach - tpark sunrise - 3

hedy bach - tpark sunrise - 4

hedy bach - tpark sunrise - 5

ground down, i know that you’ll feel fine
if you let me in
hand in hand, i’ll show you the way
our life, is always on the line


just yesterday morning ~ just after dark in the woods ~ June 2020

  1. So beautiful and peaceful there, Hedy. I hope you’re having a good week. 😊

    • I’m grateful for many things these days Chris…it’s a fine week…off to be with the little starseed…hoping your days are treating you well…winding down the term now I imagine ~ smiles Hedy

  2. Meditation allows discovering yourself releasing your own creativity.
    Sights like the ones in your beautiful photos help do that!
    It’s a peaceful day Hedy

  3. The middle one, especially, gets me. I love the mist.

  4. great quote

  5. Yes! The middle one! So well done, Hedy, and the accompanied prose works well here. Really lovely, as usual. x

  6. nice mood.

  7. Beautiful set, Hedy. I’m partial to the last one…wonderful light and color.

    • Humble thank you Mic…I appreciate your comments and selections always nice for me to know in relation to culling ~ smiles Hedy ☺️☀️💫

  8. Lovely atmosphere, Hedy!

  9. You know Miss Hedy .. so many times when I see your posts I scroll down and go ‘oh wow’! Looks like you got me again! 💫🤩

    • Your such a delightful being Julie always makes me smile that you check by my blog and posts…hugs smiles and all good things to you and your loved ones in New Zealand 🤓☺️ is it true you’re onto a 4 day work week 👍 makes sense to me…anyways hugs and all good things your way ~ Hedy ☺️🤗

  10. I think you are delightful too by the way! You always are so bright and bubbly .. No the 4 day week got mentioned, but won’t happen. 🙂

    • I’m a happy human mostly 🤓☺️ according to my neighbour who watched me in my garden cleaning the hedge “I’m a good kind of crazy” 😂🤪 he said he never seen such a clean hedge 😂 it’s meditative to be in the garden for sure, you know Julie 🌹🌻🌸🌞

    • Ps. The 4 day work week would be a good thing…there is talk here as well but not in the near further…maybe 10 years. 🧐🤷‍♀️makes sense to me though

  11. At dawn? (Too early for me) 😉
    Can you see that view from your house?

    • I’m in a park with my mutt…it’s close but I don’t see it from my house…I hang here a lot though Brian ~ smiles and joy Hedy ☺️💫

      • I miss parks and nature. I think the 20 millions inhabitants of Mexico city are wearing me down. Smiles and joy back.

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