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According to Buddha

There’s a mess inside you:
You clean the outside.

hedy bach - rust mess - 3

hedy bach - rust message_

hedy bach - rust mess - 1

why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay?
why don’t you ask him if he’s going away?
why don’t you tell me what’s going on?
why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?


little things along the way ~ Etown ~ June 2020

  1. Wash the inside of the cup as well as the outside…I need some steel wool. Thank you, Hedy!

  2. Another superb post 🙏 I agree with Maria “I need some steel wool”. Especially in the Times we live in – I’m not at all happy with the patina on my “soul”.

    • Humble thanks Mobius 🤓🙏right steel wool…I watch from the north and this bad Netflix series can’t end soon enough 😱😰…I sending shine and open hearted love to you…and your loved ones…change must happen. Take care ~ hugs and smiles Hedy 🙋‍♀️😀

  3. These are pretty, Hedy. Have an a fun and creative week.

    • Thanks kindly Chris ☺️🙏yes playing with my little black box so fun…going to get some hugs from our little starseed 🤗👶

  4. That really looks stunning. Amazing work, Hedy.

  5. Beautiful images. I like their openness and ambiguous qualities. Take care. Neil

    • Well that’s how I’m feeling Neil ambiguous…so I’ll make images and art my way through…all good here…hope you’re doing well ~ smiles and hugs Hedy ☺️🤗🤓

  6. Love the sense of mystery lurking in these images. They stir memories in us of places we cannot quite explain, but we all know we’ve been there. They have the feel of words in a forgotten language, just out of memory, but somehow they tickle our tongues. And we strain to recall their relationship to us. We know not what it is, but we know it is there… An invitation.

    Amazing how image can cause these reactions. It’s like a catalyst to our memory, cracking it open…


    • Your words also linger in my mind Michael 🤓☺️ thanks kindly for your comments … I was reading your words on water and I was thinking of Luce Irigaray and air…I will come by yet to comment Michael ~ sending all good things Hedy 🤓🤗

  7. Every one of your posts as a treat. And this one is no exception. As for the quote, I am reminded of a Bob Dylan lyric from many years ago: “I need a dump truck, mama, to unload my head.”

    • I’m humbled Michael ☺️ thanks kindly I throughly enjoy making my 2 posts each week…keeps me playing and practicing with my camera and here I can share 🤓 I’ve been a Dylan fan since middle school 😳 unloading our heads seems good these days…so much information…I’m turning it off…but playing lots of music 💃 so good! Hoping you’re doing well and that your loved ones are all good too ☺️🤗 smiles Hedy

  8. Great artwork〜
    Love this !

  9. Very nice. Words and images. Would that be Logos and Iconos? 😉
    Like the Athena picture very much.
    (And most people only wash their outside, and not all at that) 😉

    • I have no idea what the logos is…I liked the colour and movement of the face…inside/outside…next month it’s wash the whole house day 🤪 now it’s hugging time 🤗☀️ sending smiles Brian 👼☺️

  10. “There’s a mess inside you:
    You clean the outside.”


    Yes, clean the outside… by scouring the inside… the snakes, their skins shedded, skins not missed like chaff chaffed off from wheat, in the wind… NATURAL.

    Excellent imagery to couple-complement this post.

    Thank you.

    Your 4 questions after drove hardily through most of the stuff of life. Excellent sanctuaries built by solid questions>

    “There’s a mess inside you:
    You clean the outside.”

    Yes! And, love that by Brainspotting 3+ years the Internal Civil Wars ended.

    “There’s a mess inside you:
    You clean the outside.”

    And yes, for a wonderful lifetime cleaning the…

    It’s like housecleaning… not to worry, though,

    It”ll always be there waiting for you.
    “There’s a mess inside you:
    You clean the outside.”

    Yes!, and the other as well Thank you for your post.

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