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According to Buddha

Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.

hedy bach - white rock beach - 1_

hedy bach - white rock beach - 5

hedy bach - white rock beach - 2_

hedy bach - white rock beach - 4

all of these lines
will all be erased soon
they go out with the tide
then come back with the waves
it’s only the ocean and you


west beach in White Rock, BC ~ June 2020

  1. Are they out digging for clams? We haven’t been to the ocean yet this summer. The crowds are too thick and the parking too scarce.

    • Apparently crabs 🤷‍♀️ as I was just watching…we were able to walk…not so far away so that’s good and humans were social distancing its BC and according to Dr. Bonnie Henry the province has done a great job🤞I think we’re seeing the world response and yup weird times indeed…be safe Chris ~ smiles from the north ☺️🤗☀️ hugs Hedy

  2. Love these pictures!

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and Jack Johnson’s song, Hedy!!!🙏🙏🙏❤️️

  4. Thoughtful poem, Hedy! I love the ocean. 🙂 🙂

    • me too and the words of Jack Johnson – Only the Ocean…also very fine…have a joyful and productive week ~ smiles hedy ☺️🙃🙂

      • We’re very close to the ocean but we haven’t gone to the beach for a very long time. Hope to go soon, just walk around keeping the distancing. 🤗😊🙏

        • Physical distancing seems very doable in White Rock…and being outside is the best…as Albertans we have looooooooong winters…I love a room without a roof Miriam ☺️☀️💫 have a creative and joyful day ~ smiles Hedy

  5. The ocean’s depths, nearly incomprehensible.
    As is the heart in love,
    a nearly endless feeling without a bottom.
    Beautiful photos Hedy, peace surrounds us

    • as an albertan…the sea is a wonderful feeling…thanks you dear Eddie…it was peaceful and joyful…and something different to be in…I’m grateful ☺️🤗☀️ sending you joy 💫

  6. Beautiful. I love our Van area beaches. We’ve been wading at low tide here too. So nourishing.

    • oh yes…it’s a gem…fun and quiet…I agree nourishing and tranquil Alison…Im saying my mantra ☺️😉🙂🙃 have a joyful day

  7. I wish that I was there. Alas, United States citizens can’t travel to very many places.

  8. loving the pink flip-flops.

  9. yes. those flip-flops…

  10. There is something mysterious and disorienting to me about the photo of the woman with the pink jacket walking alone before the water. It looks as if the sea behind her has swollen and risen skyward, like it has gathered itself or something. I suppose it is the perspective, or perhaps a wave rolling in. But the whole image is intriguing, as if this walker is alone at the edge of the world or something… with her bags packed… we are all swallowed whole by this world whether we know it or not!


    • hello Michael I so appreciate your thoughtful reflective words…you’ve capture the mysterious mood of that moment…and indeed we are all swallowed whole by this world whether we know it or not! hoping life is treating you well…I still think about your words and water…you’re in my hedy head 🤓☺️ have a lovely writing day ~ hedy 🙂🙏✌️

  11. Love the “quote” and tidal erasures….and big spaces… Smiles to ya!

  12. Look up, or look down? To the water?

    • so much to see…everything is changing so much more to see…knowing when to in or out is mattering and yes water…I love water ☺️💙 hoping you’re doing well Brian ~ sending joy from etown ☺️🤗🙃🙂

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