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According to Buddha

If I go into the place in myself that is love, and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and I are truly in love, the state of being love. That’s the entrance to oneness.

hedy bach - dam - 1

hedy bach - dam - 4

hedy bach - dam - 2

hedy bach - dam - 5

hedy bach - dam - 6

pictures in my mind

i’m lookin up
i’m lookin in

i’m seeing things i’ve never seen


rainy walk at Cleveland Dam, Capilano River in North Vancouver, BC

  1. A rich and wonderful set of images, Hedy.

    • It was a cool space for sure…rich and lush…now I still need to figure out my Lr and Mac upload 🤷‍♀️ still some weirdness with my pixilation🤔 have a wonderful day Johnny ~ smiles Hedy

  2. Love. 🙂

  3. My senses come alive when visiting here,
    from the amazing photography to the imaginative
    verse. It all comes together to form one thrilling
    adventure for the mind.
    Another typically awesome day! hugs, Eddie

    • Humble thank you Eddie ☺️🙏☀️…I’m grateful to see more of B.C…it’s very beautiful indeed…and it’s an old Andy Lewis song 🎼🎶💛sending you joy 💫

  4. Please invite me to your backyard.

    • Well not quiet my backyard…North Vancouver is lush and dense with trees…and rain ☺️💫 it was amazing to see such growth…some trees were so huge…amazing and dewy…I do like the idea of it being my backyard though ☺️💚 hugs and joy your way Barry!

  5. It’s so lush and green there. Have a happy day, Hedy. Enjoy!

    • It is for sure Chris amazing terrain and rain ☺️🤓 now in delicious sunshine hiding in the flowers and dirt 🌻🤞🌱 have a happy one 🤗 hugs Hedy

  6. Fine shots, Hedy; love the black ones.

    • Oh me too…it was so dark…and deep…never seen this place before and would return in a heartbeat 💙🖤 hoping you’re all going well Harrie ~ sending you joy Hedy ☺️💫🤗

  7. Truly love these images, the music, the complex number. There’s so much earthiness here!!

    • Humble thank you Ka ☺️ yes earthiness we need more I think…well I do anyways…back to my garden dirt ☀️🌻 have a beautiful day ~ sending joy Hedy

  8. How many people have been in this state of Oneness?

    • I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I’m not a Buddhist but I really love/connect to these words of Ram Dass…makes sense to me…I try my best…all I can do is me🤓…and I do imagine a different world George ☺️🤗✌️ Sending writing vibes…💫 Hedy

  9. looks inviting

  10. gorgeous shots, Hedy, so tactile…

    • Humble thank you Alexandra…amazing land…dense and lush…and wet 💚☺️have a productive and joyful day ~ hugs Hedy 🤗💫

  11. Quiet moments, carefully and wonderfully crafted.

  12. I could smell the green, Hedy. Just lovely.

  13. I can almost smell the crisp sharp fresh air and the damp moss.

  14. Always look up. The view is great.

  15. Hey Miss Hedy .. I love your rainy walk. Damp beauty .. ❤️

  16. I love the way you conveyed the mysteries here, Hedy. Cool, wet, magestic.

    • it was wet I was mindful taking out my camera 😬 but it’s a good black box 🤓😀 it’s an amazing place for sure Lynn…I’m sure you’ve seen these spaces…so green and lush 💚

      • Sure, it looks like places I’ve seen down here, but not this version, the Hedy version – that dark water – that was a cool way to show it – and the bark, too.

        • that water was black/blue I’ve never seen something like this…very cool to me…another beautiful space on the north shore…I do love the west coast very much 🤓 have a happy day Lynn…thank you fro your comments I so appreciate them…always keeps me going when I read my comments ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗

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