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According to Buddha

You walk down the street and you’re somebody; you dress like somebody; your face looks like somebody. Everybody is reinforcing their structure of the universe over and over again and you meet [each other] like two huge things meeting. We enter into these conspiracies. You say, I’ll make believe you are who you think you are if you make believe I am who I think I am.

hedy bach images - covid - 3

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this blue eye perceives all things conjoined…the past, the future, and the present. everything flows and all is connected. this eye is not merely seen reality—it is touching the truth
there is nothing to fear
listen to me


protest = humans trying to explain the inexplicable ~ Calgary AB ~ July 2020


  1. Great post, Hedy, Love it!

  2. an ongoing journey for humans, to make sense of the world

    • yes Beth…for sure…everyone is making meaning according to their narratives of experience…sending you joy and sunshine…smiles hedy ☺️🤓

  3. Great photos. I love the reflections technique. I never would have thought of that. Have a great day, Hedy.

  4. I suppose that everybody sees the world through veils of one kind or another. Hi, Hedy. Bye till next time.

    • right Neil ☺️🤓 some more modestly…or convincingly…and one kind…these humans basically told me they are here to bitch about the one world government…things and people they hate 😒…I asked if they had a plan…one response was “no we just bitch”…all curious to me. til next time smiles and joy your way hedy ☺️🤓

  5. There are always other ways of looking at things,
    different from your own.
    Yeah to the visual cortex!
    ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood’.

    • so many voices and experts…I don’t know but mr. rogers comes to my mind now Eddie.

      It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
      A beautiful day for a neighbor
      Could you be mine?
      Would you be mine?

      it was an interesting day in the neighbourhood indeed ☺️🤓🙃🙂 sending joy hedy

  6. Buddha quote, and your photos – so cool!

  7. nice hat

  8. What exactly do you mean by this? Are you suggesting that we are not who we think we are or who others think we are and that they are not who we think they are? I think this is confusing. 🤯🤯🤯

    • right Mike…” I’ll make believe you are who you think you are if you make believe I am who I think I am.”…I lifted the words from Ram Dass…for me so many voices in confusing/contested times…everybody know yet nobody knows…I don’t know 🤔…I layered the images with flora as I think of laws of nature…I’m also confused. smiles hedy 🤓🙃🙂

  9. I love the words but was very struck by your images and how we look at those. 8 million children go missing? That is horrifying.

    • hello Trevor and Georgina…I have no way to know how one views my images or how my posts are received or read but yes 1 missing child is too many…this moment in time I was wondering how do I make sense of these words on signs…which are repeated an awful lot these days…I don’t know…everything is contested…believed or doubted…who knows seems everybody these days…here are some stats…

      I imagine a different world. ☺️ thanks kindly for your comments hoping you are safe and well ~ sending joy hedy ☺️☀️💫

  10. A good definition, served by excellent photos. Humans have a hard time understanding that most of the Universe is unexplainable… So they make up stories…

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