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According to Buddha

The shadow is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light.

hedy bach images - orange - 1_

hedy bach images - orange - 2_

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coeur mécanique où sont tes piles?
perdu dans un monde, tout étranger
quelle est la raison pour tous ces mensonges
on a plus le droit de se renfermer


MacEwan West Campus (Grant MacEwan Community College) ~ Etown ~ July 2020

  1. Beautiful light patterns, Hedy. I love the colors in these. Have a great week.

    • A new week 😱😂…all the days merge now…time has no meaning and yes tomorrow is a holiday here…suns out 😎…thanks Chris sending you joy.

  2. Great quote with beautiful shadows’ pictures Hedy, have a nice Sunday!!!

  3. oh, it is. beautifully said and illustrated

  4. What a wonderful post Hedy. I love this series of images – beautiful warm rust, great shadows and fabulous quote. Also I haven’t listened to Theivery Corporation (who’s music I love) so that was a wonderful chill experience for my Sunday. With gratitude 🙏

  5. A reflection on your photos and words produces patterns
    of thought designed to stimulate the mind.
    I ‘think’ it’s working.
    Enjoy the moment

  6. Beautiful Hedy…..

  7. I recognized this place immediately! I was inside the Orange Hub last week for a film shoot.

  8. The light and shadow images always amazed me. Excellent images, Hedy.

    • Apologies for my latte response 🤦‍♀️ I’ve been outside…I appreciate your comments Miriam…I’ve also share some of your Reviews with my daughter who is a writer…editor…and she’s now writing her first novel…thank you 🙏 have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy

      • No worries, Hedy. I didn’t respond to you right away either. It took me many days to prepare one area in my garden to grow vegetables. I can plant seeds tomorrow.

        It’s great that your daughter is a writer and editor. Does she have editing business? I follow many authors.

        I’ve published a poetry collection. I’ve written several children’s stories and in the process of publishing the first children’s book. I’m also writing a memoir. I have one other writing project before writing novels
        Have a wonderful day.🙏🤗

        • I purchased veggies…I’m growing flowers…and killing some too 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ it’s fun and it’s mediative…although vegetables would be better…who know maybe next year…yes I’ve connect her to your posts…she edits doctoral dissertations…but writes fiction. I will stay connected to you and your works. Sending you writing vibes ~ smiles Hedy ☺️💫

  9. This is so true and love the colors.
    Great to meet you.
    Visit me sometime. 🙏

  10. A great Canadian did sing: “we will come out from the shadows…” 👍🏻

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