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According to Buddha

There is a Zen story about a man riding a horse that is galloping very quickly. Another man, standing alongside the road, yells at him, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse yells back, “I don’t know. Ask the horse.” I think that is our situation. We are riding many horses that we cannot control.

hedy bach images - horse b-w - 2_

hedy bach images - horse b-w - 1_

hedy bach images - horse b-w - 3_

the bright horses have broken free from the fields
they are horses of love, their manes full of fire
they are parting the cities, those bright burning horses
and everyone is hiding, and no one makes a sound


sweet horses ~ Free Rein Ranch ~ Lamont, Alberta ~ July 2019

  1. The first shot has such power and in the last one the horse looks like it is clowning around. Have a great day, Hedy.

    • Horses are so expressive Chris and you are right they were clowning around and waking up from a nap…hoping your adventures the the river and bridges have been fun for your this week…I was in the dirt we had a hot sunny week…I don’t have the veggies you have though…sending you joy and hugs 🤗 ☺️💫

  2. The sight of horse(s) always thrilled me. Their flowing main
    and banter among themselves expresses more than
    most human beings tend to understand.

    • they know…I’ve witnessed this…when I taught horse workshops…they are powerful and always I’m happy to see horses…they have taught me a lot about myself. sending joy and peace dear Eddie ☺️🤗❣️

  3. Absolutely amazing shots, my dear Hedy and you’re right… 😉

    • humble thank you Marina…I don’t know…🤷‍♀️…every body knows/doesn’t know…I’m practicing with being ok in the not knowing…so I listen to lots of music…and peak at twitter🤦‍♀️…I enjoyed the classical works you shared this week…thanks again for that…hugs and joy❣️🤗

  4. Fabulous photographs! I got a laugh from that last one.

  5. The many moods of horses. The quote at the beginning is rather apt for many current situations.

  6. The last one the horse is laughing at us on our confusing trip into the future. Have a nice completion to the week my friend.

    • right. and yes I often wonder who is watching 🤔🤭☺️…big hugs and joy your way Terry…I was in the dirt for most of the week…and then a day of rain…so cozy…hope you’re all safe 💫 hugs hedy

  7. Love the first and third shots. Looks like good sketch material to me. Would you mind if I used one of these for a reference? Cheers, Mike

  8. Great analogy, post and pictures! 🙂

  9. Great horse images, Hedy. The horses I see in my neighborhood are pet horses and they are mild and graceful!

    • our daughter was a a horse girl…I’ve been around them a lot…I love them and I love to photograh them…the power of the horse is amazing…enjoy the gift of seeing horses Miriam ~ have a lovely and productive day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🤓

  10. Great shots, especially the last one. So true that we don’t have control. I believe if you can’t control what’s happening, don’t try as it’s wasted energy which might be put towards my positive thoughts and activities.

    I’m a bit of a rebel and in my working life, always questioned everything, but in retirement, I tend to go with the flow. I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to find some positive in everything.

    • well Vicki that we have in common🙃🙂I don’t like being that filly stuck in a round pen 😉 I’ve been named a rebel…insubordinate, and a whistleblower🥺🤯🤭and kinder things too😇…as a highly sensitive human I’ve worked with many humans over the decades on/in/with social justice issues…then I escaped the academy🤓I began to reinvent myself sloooowly this is my work…I try my best everyday…and yes I art my way out…I also like a wee bit of a map in my hedy head 🤓🤔sleep and no news is best for me these days. have a fun day Vicki ~ smiles and joy your way hedy ☺️

  11. Life is so much easier to just accept that we have no control at all. Those horses know where they’re going. Wonderful photos.
    Alison xo from Sunny Van – we have summer at last!

    • not fun riding out of control horse🐴 …just canter along we’ve had summer and boom then 12…smiles from fresh etown and hugs hedy 🤗 enjoy your days 🤓☀️

  12. horse-in around

  13. Amazing pictures !! Wonderfully written

  14. Wonderful 👍🏼

  15. Oh how true, Hedy. And your images are wonderful. 🙂

  16. Great horse portraits.
    Now, “ask the horse”? I wish we could, but I feel we are riding donkeys. Horses are far more intelligent… 😉

    • 🤣😂☺️ best to always start with a donkey…that’s what my friend did with his 7 children…🤷‍♀️ but they’re good riders 🏇🏻have a fun day…I’ll come over and see your blog…been in the dirt and outside so much ☺️🌞

      • Start with a donkey now? Not a bad idea. I started riding in Holland. I was ten, and they made me ride these huge Dutch horses, you know the kind…
        Enjoy the outside…

        • I am Brian…you know winter will be lurking in soon(er) than later…making fur blankets so we can be outside with a fire…if this covid isolation goes on…but for now I’m in the dirt…🙃🙂☺️ be good! smiles hedy

  17. I love the shots, amazing and beautiful

  18. Wonderful!! Love love your photos Miss Hedy. I used to giggle when my horse used to make faces like this .. 👏❤️

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