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According to Buddha

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

hedy bach images - poppie - 4

hedy bach images - poppie - 6

hedy bach images - poppie - 7

the day of the week between saturday and monday


in the garden poppies ~ Etown ~ August 2020

  1. It looks like you had fun with the poppies, Hedy. These are beautiful. H ave a great day.

    • Well I grew them from seed 🤓 it took a bit but they arrived and I really love their feathery petals. Hoping you’ve had a good week so far…summer time ☀️😎💦⚡️ fun!

  2. yes and beautiful poppies

    • Thank you kindly Beth…from seed so cool…albeit I’ve never done so much flowering plucking in my entire life…very meditative actually… enjoy you loved ones. ☀️🤗💫 smiles Hedy

  3. Oh my goodness, Hedy. Now you’ve done it. These are stunning. I would wish you a creative day but you have obviously already had one. So I wish you another creative day!

    • I did…more music more art…and more outside time. Appreciate your comments and creative vibes back at you. I’ll drop by to see the sea 🤓🌊☺️

  4. So beautiful Hedy and a peaceful track (Sunday), stay safe and well!!!

    • Yes nice tune I thought so as well…enjoying the stillness and in a rhythm that always helps me 🤓☺️ sending you all good things be safe and strong Paulo…hope you and your loved ones are well 🤗☀️💫

  5. These are exquisite!

  6. Exceptional display of artistic beauty, photography and mental stimulation.
    Yes! Have a famously great week Hedy

    • It’s mental stimulation for me…learning a wee bit more with the iPad…and I can draw a little bit…so fun…been in the gardens and cooking…it’s a good week hoping you’re well too dear Eddie ~ hugs and smiles your way 🤗💫

  7. Extraordinary captures of these delicate poppies, Hedy. A creative series.

    • Thank you for saying Jane…I really enjoy close up work as well…you have another creative day too! Smiles hedy ☺️☀️💫

  8. Lovely thought and images… Gentil coquelicot mesdames…

  9. How beautiful, Hedy. I think I’ll grow some poppies next year.

  10. Hedy, I really think these are beautiful and original. You knew I would like them, right? It just took me a while to get here. 😉 The compositions are beautiful and you handled the color so, so well – the red is so intensely saturated, the peachy orange is perfectly balanced, the green is nice and dark and the white has all the detail we want to see. I love the overlapping petals int he first photo and the hand-drawn look of the stamens in the second photo. Inspiring!!!

    • humble thank you Lynn…I had fun composing them…I’ve been outside so much…I’m here looking at posts and responding because its raining…with a coffee…I like this about blogs you can visit and revisit…I will come and visit your nature…hugs hedy ☺️🤓🤗

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