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According to Buddha

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.

so if they call you
embrace them
if they hold you
erase them

’cause it might’ve been something, who’s to say?
does it help to get lost in yesterday?


yesterday just after dark ~ Etown ~ August 2020

  1. These are so cool, Hedy and with the lighting, they are so mysterious. I hope your having a bit of fun this week.

    • it was dark when I arrived…and cool/fresh too…got the old mutt some river time before our “heat warning” day☀️and there was no humans I also love that 🙃🙂 I’m painting our front door…it’s fun. hope you are as well Chris ☺️🤗

  2. beautiful imagery to go with words we all need to heal…

    • yes scot 🤓 I feel when we open our hearts we heal…that’s difficult at times. it was a beautiful morning…quiet and soft and dreamy. Have a lovely creative day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🤓

  3. Love these images Hedy, especially the echinacea and cobweb silhouette 🕸

    • Humble thank you Val…I didn’t know that was echinacea…🤓…thanks for saying and I appreciate your comments ~ have a peaceful day ☮️🕉💟 hedy

  4. This is the most wonderful light at the end of the day. While most people are dropping their jaws at the sunset, some turn around and look the other way.

  5. Imagery and words help us attempt the need to understanding
    the importance for compassion.

  6. Wonderful photos.

  7. The spider web was so clear. The photos are lovely, so are your quotes and poem, Hedy.

    • yes the little droplets…it was pretty to me Miriam 🤓☺️ thank you kindly for your kind comments I appreciate them ~ smiles from rainy Alberta…hoping your doing well…such scary news from California 😱😳…🤓…be safe…sending you joy ~ hedy 🤗

      • Yes, all the wildfires. It’s just the beginning. With 103F and higher, any sparks cause fire. I think the Bay area fire was caused by the thunder storm. One year, after the wildfires, we had rainstorm and caused flooding.
        Yes, we have our share of the nature when some states have hurricanes and heavy snow.

        I’m here in Oregon visiting my daughter and granddaughters. It feels unreal after waiting for six months and I’m here, holding the five months old for the first time. My almost three years old (3 next month) played with me for hours. It was so wonderful. 🙂 🙂

        • Enjoy your star seeds…babies 👶 are the best…I also enjoy playing with our grandson 🧒…it’s fun and funny…I also miss mine ~ enjoy Miriam ~ smiles and joy your way hedy ☺️💫

          • It’s something about babies and little kids. They’re so real, so happy, so loving. I get a lot of energy just being around them. 😊 I’m going home tomorrow. Will come back for Autumn’s birthday next month. 🎂🤗

          • I’m going at the end of September to give ours a squeeze 🤗❣️

          • That’s wonderful for you, Hedy. September is close enough. Are they far away? 💖😊

          • yes 13 hour drive…butt close in a way…normally I would fly once a month but haven’t hopped on a plane yet 🤔🤓…grateful for a vehicle and time to travel…before the winter…then the roads aren’t much fun…sending you joy Miriam ☺️💫

          • It would be 15 hour drive for me. I drove from Seattle to Los Angeles by myself after finished school 40 years ago. I stopped by San Francisco for a night, haven’t done since then.

            Driving is safer as far as pandemic. Wishing you a good trip coming up. 🙂 🙂

          • well once the snow flies it may be difficult to not fly…at some point it will happen…I know you did 🤓 I love flying….smiles hedy

  8. Love the mood in this set. See you!

    • I feel I know the park so well Harrie so nature provides me a great place to be…I am very fond early morning walks here…sending joy hedy ☺️💫

  9. Very cool and love the spider web pic

  10. Hedy, this is such a wonderful set of images, captured with dedicated passion to photography and observing details. A joy to watch. <3

    • Humble thank you Dina 🙏I appreciate your comments and encouragement 🤓☺️ have a joyful and creative day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  11. You have created another beautiful mood here Hedy, full of atmosphere. I love the variety of subjects seen in that somber light.

  12. Lovely narrative group

    • Thank you kindly John oh I like that narrative group…yes a little story in my hedy head 🤓☺️ have a creative day ~ smiles hedy

  13. I love your work Miss Hedy! The first image is a stunner ..

    • always humbled by your kindness and comments Julie…thank you hoping you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗💫

      • Hey Hedy .. always good to hear from you. We are all good – safe and healthy! Wishing you and yours the same my friend 💫

        • yes we’re all fine…I’m grateful for where I am…Ive been in the garden and outside as much as possible…hugs over the pond ~ hedy ☺️🤗☀️❣️

  14. A well grasped special hour. We call it French “entre chien et loup”, between dog and wolf. When the little remaining light doesn’t let you know whether you see a dog or a wolf… 🙏🏻

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