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Carrera 6 number

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According to Buddha

I don’t really believe anything I say. Because the nature of my work concerns the spaces between the words, rather than the words themselves.


jump in, let’s go
lay back, enjoy the show
everybody gets high, everybody gets low,
these are the days when anything goes

everyday is a winding road
i get a little bit closer
everyday is a faded sign
i get a little bit closer to feeling fine


on the way to the vegetable farm Carbondale, Alberta ~ August 2020

  1. lovely

  2. That’s wonderful, Hedy. Love the delightful photos and the space between your words. <3

    • Thank you kindly for your kind comments Dina ☺️🤓…the spaces in-between…matter…compose a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  3. Roads, tracks, fields. Super photos.

  4. What a great road trip Hedy. Thank you 💕

    • yes we’re fortunate to bye able to be in nature rather quickly here…lots of endless land…thank for stopping by Val ~ sending you joy and peace ☮️💟🕉 hedy

  5. You never know when the train will come down the track.
    A beautiful day again? what I’m I to do?

    • here too…summery days…and yup it’s okay to wait and let the train pass 🤓☺️ thank you dear Eddie…enjoy your garden…sending you joy ~ hedy ☺️

  6. Who is there to believe or not to believe? 🙏

  7. The space between, the interstice, the connective-tissue-Silence of the 4th character in the Universe Voice between and within and all around the A U M. . . . .. .. .. .. … … … … . . . .

    • …yup…the spaces in-between…om…sending you joy and peace Jordan ~ smiles hedy ☺️🙃🙂

      • Thank you. You as well, hedy. 🙃☺️ 🙂

        • ps. I’ve tired to *like* and write on your posts but some how they don’t seem to stick Jordan…just wanted you to know…curious 🤔I’ll need to check that out.

          • Thanks much for the feedback, Hedy. I will look into it again. The settings seem fine, though I’ll revisit.

          • It’s probably me…and it’s different on my mobile vs. computer 🤓 I will look too…

          • Thank you. Yes, let me know what you find. I find that some people, not all, who buy my “ImaginAction” download for example from the shop have some 401 error problem on their phone, not allowing the pdf download, and then that doesn’t occur on their tablet or desktop/laptop. That’s something I’ve been looking into for weeks… may be an iPhone vs Android gig… though again… shaking head… the monastic discipline of figuring out tech at a fine grain.

          • on my computer I try again to like your post…I see Timothy has…I’m curious if it’s on my end…I am signed in so I’d think it would go…when I go to my reader and look for…it says “no results” for your blog 🤔🤓…strange…

          • You might try . I have a premium site, and it may have dropped the wordpress from the URL. Or, type Jordan’s Journeys and see what happens. Thanks for giving it a go.

          • I used and I could *like* that way…on my reader it comes up

            so I don’t know I also have a premium site…it’s probably just the reader…anyways…wishing you a joyful day Jordan ~ smiles hedy ☺️🤓

          • Smiles to you as well, Hedy. 🙂 Interesting on the reader. Probably because the premium site is through wordpress, and it populates the view to WordPress initially and not to the full site. Glad you found a workaround. Great to have your presence on my site.

          • Ok Hedy, when you have an opportunity, please try again. There was a setting clicked that I was unaware of that had “comment author must fill out name and email address to comment.” I deactivated that. It may have been in conflict with “allow commenters to post from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google” — which basically opens it up to be more public. We’ll see. Settings aren’t rocket science, though the alchemy is still always a process to figure out how to make things user-friendly..

          • 🤷‍♀️sometimes it’s a gremlin🤔…I had my assistance today with my fotos and the WP Happiness engineers…they are helpful…I’ll check back ☺️

  8. 906. I know this because I have a 2006 911/997 sitting in the garage which I bought with insurance payment after Hurricane Katrina. BTW, my little car cost US $32,000 in 2010. And example of a 906 was just auctioned for US $1.8 million. You sure pick the good ones. 🙂

    Oh yeah, the pictures. Almost forgot. They are wonderful. Makes me wish that I lived in a place where I could drive on roads like that without hitting an alligator.

    • my father had a love of cars…he taught me 🤓😉 I’ve only had one car in my life 🚙 I do prefer bicycle 🚴 or catching a ride…and there are no alligators 🤣 cows and horses…a porcupine or coyote…thanks for saying Ray…I fiddled with the images fun for me ☺️have a sandwich…I made some sangria for tonight actually it’s summer ☀️😎

      • I’ve been a car guy until Hurricane Katrina, then I sort of gave up until I saw the 911 for a good price. It’s silly to have it here. The streets are so broken and potholed that I could make a wrong turn and the car would fall in. What would I be without the occasional alligator walking towards me? We are dodging hurricanes. The big river is way west. It is so powerful that it’ll cause a storm surge 20 feet high that will submerge the coastal towns and a good part of a small city that was so good to after Katrina.

        • I’m reading and yes it always sounds unimaginable to me…only once I experienced a tornado…stay safe Ray ☺️🤗💫☀️

          • Count your blessings. Every one around here who made it through Katrina turn weird. A form of PTSD.

          • …yes with ptsd there is a the long-term reconstruction phase…trauma has probably affected us all at some point Ray…I’m grateful indeed ☺️💟☮️

          • Reconstruction phase? Que?

          • all trauma require reconstructing…many humans have some form of ptsd…it’s learning about it…🤓☺️

          • I can’t even find reconstruction referenced with PTSD. So, I have no idea what means. Of course we do. I survived Katrina and a war.

          • Long-term reconstruction is all about rebuilding and continuing to deal with the aftermath of the trauma… Dr. Sal Raichbach…others I think refer to it as the “integration” stage, occurs when you begin to successfully work through your PTSD recovery program…I’m thinking these phases vary and flow…I’m a doubter of linear stages and phases…but I think it makes some sense for me…reconstruct reinvent recompose…all those hard stories you know Ray. 🤓🤗

    • right ❣️ she’s always been a favourite artist…hoping your doing well Neil…smiles and joy from the north ~ hedy ☺️🤗🙃🙂☀️

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  10. It looks like you had a trip to the farm this week, Hedy. Nice images. Have a great start to your week.

    • yes veggies in the freezer 😳😄felt my mother saying freeze some green beans…so I did…hoping you’re keeping well too Chris ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗🙃🙂☀️

  11. Beautiful light in these ones Hedy. I especially like the last one.
    It’s getting cool here. Summer seemed to come and go so quickly this year 🙁

    • I fiddled with the development…fun for me…and yes there is a different light and feel at this time of year…a heaviness to release and get lighter for fall…seems it was March and boom end of August…time right? hugs hedy 🤗☺️❣️

  12. Love your images leading me with their compositions, Hedy. Wishing you a great week. 🙂

    • Humble thank you Jane…it’s been a great week…veggies in the freezer…hoping you’re having a joyful week as well ~ smiles and joy your way ~ 🤗hedy☀️

  13. I’m all for it
    The art of getting closer 🙂

    • yes…strange days and feelings of closeness and distance…but yes that wee little bit…a nudge of sorts…compose a lovely day Kutukamus ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  14. The space between the words… How interesting. Did you know that speech is full of silence? When I was working in Telecoms early 80’s the engineers discovered that sound is full of blanks. It can be measured. That’s when they started to send small packets of data on the telephone lines. Speech and data were sent at the same time and the human ear could not notice…
    Hear hear for silence!
    All well?

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