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Sweet Justice (Loveswept) number

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According to Buddha

But you know, you really don’t have to worry about whether everybody else is doing it or not. You just begin to get your own house in order. Recognizing your complete interrelatedness with all of it and with your own spiritual source changes the meaning of each act, and therefore both the reason and the way it’s done.

someday we’ll find it
the rainbow connection…
the lovers, the dreamers and me
la lala la lala la la la lala la la la

*** summer storm ~ Etown ~ August 2020

  1. Ah, my dear Hedy, how beautiful this is [and the music].
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxoxo

  2. Make ready to accept this and expand on it in your own
    way. Look how it becomes real in your heart with rainbows.
    From there the building blocks reveal themselves
    one after another.

    • do our own work…and be kind to others…try….I’ve had a couple of eye rolling moments in the pubic domain these days…lot’s of revealing of self indeed Eddie…enjoy your garden…I’ve been doing some culling and cleaning…it’s much work and meditative too ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗🙂☀️ sending joy…

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Love that song!

    • I was reminded by Jane and Kermit…I was thinking Pomplamoose…and folk and rainbows…compose another creative creative week Maria…have lots of fun making your creations ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗❣️

  5. So beautiful Hedy 🙏❤️️❤️️❤️️

  6. ‘You just begin to get your own live in order’… Total agreement! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous. Imagining Kermit singing. 🎶

    • fun and funny to hear Kermit…I was listening to Pomplamoose 😄 have a musical and fun day Jane ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗🙃🙂

  8. somehow I missed this but glad to find your beautiful post Hedy!

  9. This is so beautiful

  10. Dog lovers by the water. Dogs having a blast.

  11. Lovely, Hedy, happy end of summer…may it last a little longer!

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