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Roland TR four decades after number

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According to Buddha

This getting straight not only applies to people but to things as well, such as favorite music, disliked foods, special treats, avoided places, all your toys, etc. Everything must be rerun through your compassion machine.

the light 
begin to bleed 
begin to breathe 
begin to speak


a day or so ago ~ University of Alberta south campus ~ Etown ~ August 2020

  1. hi hedy, interesting pictures i particularly like the last two photos, i like the light.
    many greetings robert

    • good interesting☺️🤔I did fiddle with the colour tones…it was a mysterious morning with fog…have a joyful day Robert ~ smiles and joy over the pond hedy ☺️🤗💫

  2. What a breath of beauty, my dear Hedy!

  3. Very beautiful — the terrain and your photos. The cinnamon colors especially get to me.

    • I tired to create a ‘yesteryear’ look from the cool blue…it was quiet warm actually…thank kindly Neil for your comment…have a peaceful day ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫

  4. I like your fiddling with the colors and shifting a little bit toward warm. The one shot of the field going off to the horizon particularly knocks me out. But you probably could’ve predicted that. 😉

  5. “Everything must be run through your compassion machine” That one made me smile, Hedy. You created so much atmosphere with just four images. Smiles to you!

  6. Everything must be rerun through your compassion machine! What a statement. What a heart-melting truth. And every photo here full of beauty. Especially that first – exceptional.

    • Yes Ram Dass is something to remember for me…heart-melting truths indeed Alison 🤓☺️ thanks for your comments…have a joyful day ~ hugs hedy 🤗❣️

  7. Beautiful! I love how the photos and words are a perfect compliment to each other.

  8. Wonderful Hedy!!!

  9. Farms are a great spot to make images. You made some good ones, Hedy. Have a great day.

    • This one is close by…part of the university 🤓☺️ and the fog just added to the atmosphere…hoping your day is treating you well Chris ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫🤗

  10. I love these! The light is wonderful. Have a great day.

  11. These are wonderful Hedy, I particularly like the middle two, They sit so beautifully beside each other, gentle and soothing images I feel.

  12. Love the quiet, down to earth mood in this set. See you.

  13. You wrote “Alberta”, but my eyes said “Smallville, Kansas”

    • 😂🤣😂 yes etown…also part of the telly show Fargo…I’m glad I’m not in Kansas though ☺️💫 hope you’re doing well Gregory ~ sending you joy Hedy 💫

  14. Lovely pictures, but it was your words that caught me. Thank you Hedy!

  15. The shadows and tint on these images are magical. Great work, Hedy. xoxo

  16. I wonder: is my compassion machine broken? 😉

  17. Gorgeous shots. I love those North American-style barns.

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