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Bertrand Carrière’s number of male portraits

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According to Buddha

Ultimately you live simultaneously in all of the planes of consciousness all the time, so that in a way, it’s like a vertical cut up – you look at somebody, they’re there; they’re not there. 

ten fingers, ten laws that i live by.
(ten fingers, ten laws that i live by,
like all signs they keep me on track)


the little things ~ Western Development Museum ~ Moose Jaw, SK ~ a year or so ago.

  1. This Buddhist quote made me think of a thought experiment in quantum mechanics called “Schrodinger’s Cat”; the cat is dead and alive until you open the box. This museum display provoked similar thoughts about Native Americans; they were simultaneous there an not there. And so it goes for the soldiers who perished on the beaches in Normandy during the second world war.

    • ☺️thanks Urban for the connection 🤓a state known as a quantum superposition, as a result of being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur…thanks for reading and making the connection to the title too…take care ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  2. Our minds are truly a wondrous thing. Providing contact with this world and that world,
    made even more possible and prevalent during certain stages of meditation and epileptic
    seizures. What’s fascinating are the similarities, so difficult to explain because they are
    not much like this world.

    • thank you Eddie for your words and wisdom…I agree minds our wondrous…the Sanskrit is our ‘chitta’ ☺️🤓 I know you know…I had no idea about epileptic seizures…but it makes sense as you write…I’ve leanred by training my mind, I can transform my experiences for the better, and with sustained effort, this positive change will become effortless…still I have monkey mind…work on grace daily ~ sending hugs and all good things ☺️🤗☀️💫

  3. These are absolutely exquisite. I love little things, but I think your rendering of these photographs enhances these miniatures even more – like paintings. Beautiful.

  4. These little looks into a previous time are just as wonderful as a living museums.

  5. Hello Hedy,
    we had the same idea and the same post 🙂 All the best, Jürgen

  6. Excellent. You have to take a close look to notice its a model.

  7. The little things are what matters… 😉

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