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According to Buddha

When we see the beloved in each 
person, it’s like walking through 
a garden, watching flowers 
bloom all around us.

my eyes
want you more than a melody
let me inside
wish i could get to know you


sunflowers in my garden ~ September 2020

  1. What you did with the filters in the edit. Amazing, surreal, crispy, tasty, beautiful.

  2. beautiful

  3. Wow… Absolutely beautiful. The small poem goes well along with it!

  4. Yes 🌻🌻🌻🌻💛☀️

  5. I read the quote, and then saw that that’s exactly what you did. And beautifully. Very beautifully.

    • Humble thanks you Michael…so fun making them and growing these from seeds…magic! ☺️💫 hoping you had a beautiful day ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  6. Incredible photography, with an imagination to match.
    A perfect day for big smiles

  7. Beautiful Hedy and thanks for starting my day with beauty to bloom my way throught the day. Have a lovely Sunday! 🤗 Cindy

    • Thanks kindly Cindy hoping your day was wonderful…such nice fall days here 🌻💚🌞☺️ sending you joy ~ hedy 💫

      • Thanks Hedy!! It was really lovely and I even was caught up on W.P and work and enjoyed the last days of sun at the pool. Heaven. Oh yes it is nice to have the weather change as well. Love and joy to you too! 😘🥰

        • Good enjoy and I hope many for you all…and yes autumn leads to snow ❄️🌞nice thing about blogs is you can go back to revisit…life seems very full even during these COVID days 🤓 apologies for my delayed response Cindy ❣️🙋‍♀️💫

          • The moments are few but I’m enjoying them when I can. Yes, it’s true we can savor and go back if we get a chance. I can’t get over how fast the day goes! I totally agree and get it. Never a worry Hedy! I get it! Happy Sunday! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Are these real? They look like a painting. Or did you do that in processing? Sunflowers are so beautiful.

    • Yes they are real…I photographed them for over 10 days…each day they grew…they are like little characters…slow to bloom but so fun…and I played with a grunge layer…made them a softer green…I had fun making them 🌻☺️ have a joyful week Chris ~ ☺️🤗 hedy

  9. What craftsmanship and art. Beautiful Hedy 💕

  10. Love the photos & the verses! 🌞

  11. Ooooo I don’t know what you’ve done to these but they are beautiful – every one of them. Just gorgeous!

    • Played with them both on my mobile and in Lr 🤓 but I don’t remember…I have a new mobile… I used portrait mode as well… nice day here 🤓☺️🌞 smiles from white rock ~ hedy

  12. Stunning photos💗

  13. A new way of looking at sunflowers. You’ve taken them to a different place – very thoughtful, studied, and calm, actually. Love it, Hedy.

  14. What a wonderful ‘Étude en jaune’. Made me think of Van Gogh…

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