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Psychedelic mushroom holiday number

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According to Buddha

If you wear shoeleather, the whole earth is covered with leather.

i look around and sin city’s cold and empty (oh)
no one’s around to judge me (oh)
i can’t see clearly when you’re gone


Street art ~ Cowtown AB ~ September 2020

  1. Some weird synchronicity there Hedy.
    I was on the phone to my brother and the topic of conversation had just shifted to psychedelic mushrooms when your notification email came through.
    I mean it’s not like I spend a lot of my time talking about psychedelic mushrooms …

  2. I would not mind a world covered in silk.

    • Ahhhh yes Lily I also prefer silk 👌🤓🤍 softer…and yes more gentleness would be so nice 🤍 sending you creative vibes ~ hedy 💫

  3. Oh that’s cool, Hedy. It’s nice to see art in public places.

  4. What an interesting building and mural.

    • Right it was so unassuming and in a off beat parking lot…the texture and colours caught my eye 🤓☺️ have a creative day Timothy ~ sending you joy hedy 💫

  5. Interesting thoughts Hedy,
    wrote something else,
    decided not to leave it,
    it may have been too weird
    hugs dear heart, Eddie
    cool photos!

  6. Amazing photos

  7. Quite interesting your pics Hedy!!! very cool! ❤️🤗 Have a lovely day! ❤️🤗

  8. The artwork is amazing and you did some amazing things with it! Wild, Hedy! 🙂

  9. Interesting.
    The artwork fits the building very well.

  10. amazing art.

  11. I’m full-on diggin’ how the textures and topo of the mural play optical illusion tricks with the square and plumb architecture. Makes a subtle Fun House Mirror quality that contributes to the power of the painted imagery. It’s as if the leather turned the architecture to leather. Wonderful shot.

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