Treaty of Bonn year

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According to Buddha

And when you have the chance to stand somewhere where nobody’s watching you, and you can just look at people. I spend lots of time doing that.  Like, I’ll sit in a car on a street and watch people go by. I’ll just look at each one as somebody who is an absolutely exquisitely articulated entity unfolding before my eyes. Then they walk off, never to be seen again probably.

oh, that city music
oh, that city sound
oh, how you’re pulling my heart strings and
oh, let’s go downtown

a day or so ago Port of Vancouver, BC ~ October 2020

  1. These are nice, Hedy. I enjoy the images and sounds of ports. I hope that you’re having a great week.

    • busy I’m never bored…working on 2 projects and deadlines I like that feeling…in particular now…trust you’ve had another good week Chris…sending you joy ~ ☺️🤗💫

  2. Downtown Vancouver, wow,
    it’s beautiful there Hedy.
    A great place to people watch.
    Live there? no thanks

    • I lived here when I was 18 decades ago…it’s beautiful…and indeed much to see and experience…I’d like to live close by 🤓☺️ I do like urban life…and nature too. have a happy weekend Eddie 🤗❣️☀️

  3. “I’ll just look at each one as somebody who is an absolutely exquisitely articulated entity unfolding before my eyes.” I actually do this now. Of course, you have to be discreet otherwise people will think you’re creepy. But I see people, and I ask myself…”Do you know what you are?” It’s amazing when you begin to think like that.

    • right gawking is creepy…looking/seeing…different to me…and different life experiences about why we are looking and seeing emerge…children growing and old ones going…life is amazing indeed George…happy writing…enjoy your weekend ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  4. Oh, now you are making me miss Vancouver. It’s all your fault. 😉

  5. Oh I do that too!!! It’s wild how many people there are, we may never see again and touch our soul.

  6. For those of us who live in an urban or suburban area: I wonder how many people we see in an average year. Many thousands, I suppose.

    • oh now you have me thinking numbers Neil 🤓😱…yup thousands…maybe millions…sometimes I just hide in the woods with my mutt to get away…inside the city experiences…happy weekend…stay safe…and have fun! hugs hedy ☺️🤗☀️

  7. Oh you were right here! On False Creek! I have a shot almost the same as the one under the bridge.

  8. “I’ll just look at each one as somebody who is an absolutely exquisitely articulated entity unfolding before my eyes.” That’s it!.. And fine shots as well. Keep looking. See you, Hedy.

  9. I know False Creek when I see it! ditto the fabulous art-work (but work-functioning) silos, a lasting benefit of an earlier Vancouver Biennale – great to see familiar places through your discerning eye

    • just need to move🤓…then I can revisit spaces I knew from decades ago…next time I’ll check out the Vancouver Biennale thanks kindly Penny ~ enjoy False Creek ☺️

  10. Nice shots. Great song. Thanks for that.

  11. That “quote” is a really nice one for city days. I’m glad you had fun, Hedy!

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