Eadred’s reigning year

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According to Buddha

Tie two birds together. They will not be able to fly, even though they now have four wings.

feel like that black crow
in a blue sky


a day ago ~ Laurier Park and Bridge Walk ~ January 2021

  1. Wasn’t Eadred a Saxon King of England (or was it Wessex)?

  2. Nature is just as it is. Beautiful. ❤

  3. Cool shapes and silhouetes here Hedy. Have a great week.

  4. Well seen, Hedy. Wonderfully bold and graphic images.

  5. They may feel that way. But are really tied ‘together’?
    Great photographic artwork.

  6. Dramatic shots, and perfect timing, for me to see this now — I’ve just watched this afternoon’s outflow of crows back from downtown Vancouver to their roost in neighbouring Burnaby. Comes very early, these short winter days…

    • Penny there was so many crows and on the river with a coyote…I imagine something tasty was in a opening in the river…but I don’t know couldn’t see far enough…winters been mild here…as my father would have said “unbelievable!”🌞 enjoy your walks ~ sending you joy ☺️💫

  7. Nice graphics against those monochrome backgrounds, Hedy! 🙂

    • Thank you Harrie it was blue hour and I’m playing with some settings along the way…always something to learn with my little black box. have a creative day ~ 🤗🙂🙃

  8. Wow — that quote is deep, and feels true indeed. The photo montage, the way it fits together one after the other, is stunning, truly!!

  9. I thought of Poe, but that was too easy…
    I like the symbolism of tying two birds.
    So many of us humans are tied up…
    Be good Hedy.

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