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A life shaped by god, gender and force of will number

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According to Buddha

I’m just a small crack in the wall; the wall of patriarchy; on the wall of the hierarchy; on the wall of injustice. Soon there will be more cracks and someday the wall will fall.

maybe we do the right things
maybe we do the wrong
spending each day
wending our way along


past + present self study #1 ~ a day or so ago ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ January 2021

  1. Let us hope you are right.

  2. Of course the wall is only an illusion. 🪂

  3. Hi Hedy, so begin the self portraits … loving them already … barb morban

    • yes…got some tiny gear…I’m not fond of being in front of the camera…being the surveyed or being the surveyor are different positions to me…it will be a learning project…I’m going to have fun and practice ~ see you soon Barb ☺️🤗 have a snappy day 💫

  4. Excellent images. I think most of us try to do what’s right.

    • Thank you kindly Timothy 🙏 I do think about right/wrong…some would say that’s because morality — our ability to separate right from wrong — doesn’t really exist.
      I don’t know…are there objective truths…these days seem to question/contest everything…smiles hedy ~ have a creative day! ☺️💫

      • The right/wrong line does exist. If it didn’t, then everyone would be doing whatever they will doing and damn the consequences (“I don’t give a f***, so why do you?!”). That invites anarchy. Regarding objective truths, questioning everything, that is an artifact of the digital era, and the false equivalency of good information, misinformation, and in-between information. Makes for an interesting conversation, Hedy. 🙂

        • Yes especially when we have similarities in backgrounds, beliefs, morals etc…still subject of wrong and right is not perfect…listening and deep hearing are part of the conversations…I’ve been reading a bit of Jason Stanley…and yes a deeper conversation will happen I believe David – sending joy 💫hedy

  5. Love the unity of context which sweeps across these vintage snapshots. Beautiful

    • Humble thank you John…I love holding them…a little find along the way…culling and sorting and wandering back in time…so lovely actually ~ have a creative ~ smiles hedy☺️💫

  6. Oh what power in those words and truths.. yes, illusions and your photos are great reflections for your words. Those are amazing!!!! xo❤️

  7. Wow! Powerful intro. The images are perfect.

    • I found the quote from Dhammananda Bhikkhuni…I also loved it…and thank you kindly I also enjoyed making the images…fun for me. Thanks kindly Sarah for you comment appreciated ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  8. The ceiling is opening and the wall is crumbling. I think your images are fine portraits without being “portraits”.

  9. interesting images.

  10. Let’s Crack!

  11. Lovely images and poem, Hedy!

    • Thank you kindly Miriam…lifted the words of music from Madeleine peyroux…”getting some fun out of life” 🤓🙂🙃 no one can take my joy! hoping all is well and you and your loved ones are safe ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  12. May we move through from the past into an evolving future with ease… and memories of what was lost along the way. 🙏

    • I’m looking back at my ancestors…the women who flicker in and out of dreams…finding some old fotos has been so delightful Val ~ have a joyful day ☺️ happy weekending ~ hugs hedy ☺️🙏

  13. These are fascinating, and unique, and had me looking closer at everyone. Well done!

  14. I like the old photographs, a reflection of when times were less complicated. Like you, I’d rather be the surveyor rather than the surveyed. It’s been more than half a lifetime when I took part in family photo. My profession, in the previous life, having your photo taken wasn’t recommended (security reasons), which suited me just fine. That is not to say there are no current photos, but more like extremely rare. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.

    • Thanks kindly for your comments David appreciated 🤓🙏🤓I’m going to work on making better fotos and learn more about my camera…self study/portraits has been suggested as a way … so I’m playing with that … It’s a good challenge for me 🤓🙃🙂 happy weekending ~ smiles hedy 💫

  15. Great pictures!

  16. These are full of atmosphere, Hedy. Well done!

  17. Love all this talk of imagining a new world. The wall will fall… because it stands on a falsehood and so it cannot be sustained indefinitely… 🙂

    • well it’s a looooooong time coming to me actually Michael…I’m a tad jaded…I imagine a different world🌎happy writing Michael hoping your days are treating you well ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗

  18. Wending or welding?
    I love old snapshots. One particular moment people have stopped photons in a specific place. They were there. And will be remembered by this unique shadow they left.

    • wend…typically slowly or by an indirect route…good word right 🤓 these fotos I found in a plastic bag…my parents never shared them or spoke of them…need my cousins in the Netherlands to help me figure out who some of them our…many are my grandmothers ☺️…it was a special find Brian ~ hoping you and your loved ones are safe and well ~ hugs hedy🤗

      • Good word indeed. Allowed an easy play-on-word.
        Special? A precious find. And one needs to identify them soon. As memory fades away. I have a picture of my great-grandmother, in India, when she was about 10. The photo is from 1860 approx. That long-gone little child stopped photons for a fraction of second. and the image is still with us.
        Hugs back

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