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According to Buddha

In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric. The secret isn’t that you’re not being told. The secret is that you’re not able to hear.

si les fleurs
qui bordent les chemins
se fainaient toutes demain
je garderais au coeur


a day ago ~ Minerva Amaryllis ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ January 2021

  1. Wow Hedy, your photography is ecstatic! You never fail to surprise!

  2. Beautiful 👏

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Marvelous colors and shapes!

  5. These are really pretty. I like how you lit them.

    • Thank you kindly Chris…waited for some light in a hallway…and then fiddled with them in Lr…fun for me…thanks for stopping by hoping your days are treating you well ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫

  6. Captivate images … and deep thought in the opening quote. Well done!

    • Thank you kindly Frank I appreciate your comments and yes Ram Dass never fails right 🤓☺️ sending you joy for a happy beach walk ☺️💫 smiles hedy

  7. Ready or not here I am,
    appreciating your talented photography,
    and incredible thoughts for thinking
    it’s the perfect day, let’s enjoy it!

    • Reminded me of playing tag…running…too fresh for that today -30 🥶 but its a perfect inside day…Monday’s are fresh beds…and now Lou Reed ‘Perfect Day’ is in my hedy head music 🎶 🎹 🎵 🎷 sending you joy Eddie ☺️💫

  8. Beautiful, les fleurs et le coeur qui garde leur beauté.

  9. Exquisite photography Hedy. And I love the Buddha quote – so true.

  10. Breath taken away with your pics Hedy…. nothing to hear, here just take into our hearts. Nice! ❤️

    • Humble thank you Cindy…nice flora for sure 🌺 and always fun to photograph to see…ahhh yes the silences…also nice…then loud music 🎶 🎵 🎷 have a motivational Monday ~ hugs 🤗

      • You’re most welcome. A treasure and I see your heart sing while you click. Yes, the symphony of both 🙏😊🌈 Thanks much and you to my friend! 🙏😘

  11. Very, very beautiful!

  12. Beautiful

  13. Wonderful words to make us think and the photos truly expressive of the way.

    • Thank you kindly Trevor and Georgina always so wonderful to hear from you 🙏 appreciated sending you joy and all good things ~ hedy ☺️💫

  14. Very true. We don’t listen. My grandmother used to say: we have two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as much as you talk. (I always make up my grandmother’s sayings. LOL)
    Your flowers are precious. Just one word in French it’s “se fanaient”, without the first i. The verb is “se faner”. 💐

  15. The pure white Amarylis was always my favorite. It’s hard to find sometimes. You could convert me with these photos, Hedy, they’re so romantic – like that wonderful music. What a pleasure!! smiles to you……….

  16. These are delightful Miss Hedy … the red in the background is special, ah a red hallway yes? Hugs from over the pond

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